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Puppy The Goat Album Cover Artwork
Puppy – The GOAT (, , , )
24th January 2019 -

Calling your debut album The GOAT is a bold move, but bold has been a good way to describe Puppy over the last few years. They have been building up a reputation of being one of the most unique bands in Britain right now. Over two EP’s they’ve mixed doom, groove metal and all kinds of alternative rock together to create something mind… Read More »

The Yacht Club - The Last Words You Said To Me Album Artwork
The Yacht Club – The Last Words That You Said To Me Have Kept Me Here And Safe (, )
23rd January 2019 -

London four piece The Yacht Club are a hard band to describe musically. Their sound is something of a primordial melting pot, with elements of shoegaze, alt-rock, old school emo (think early Jimmy Eat World) and touches of Menzingers-esque Americana all present in the makeup. Combining all these varying styles into a coherent album is no mean feat, but The… Read More »

Papa Roach – Who Do You Trust? (, , )
21st January 2019 -

The Molotov has dropped, but can we still trust Papa Roach or is this the start of the ending? Love them or hate them Papa Roach have maintained a pretty consistent level of popularity over the last 20 years (jesus!), which may have something to do with their ability to evolve with every album yet still maintain that distinct identity… Read More »

Cane Hill – Kill The Sun. (, )
18th January 2019 -

Cane Hill are one of the most thrilling new bands around right now. Since smashing their way onto the scene in 2015 with their psychotic self titled e.p, there has only been one calendar year since where we haven’t had a release from them, with two full lengths and a live album having been added to their evergrowing and ever… Read More »

Fever 333 – Strength in Numb333rs (, , )
16th January 2019 -

Genuine life altering, game changing bands, much like vampire slayers usually only come around once in a generation. Apparently nobody gave  Jason Aalon Butler the memo though, as the world had just finished mourning the loss of Letlive when he came back with a vengeance with Fever 333. Coming into 2019 on the crest of a wave after a stellar 2018… Read More »