Ambient Reviews

Covenant - 'Leaving Babylon'
Covenant – ‘Leaving Babylon’ (, )
8th September 2013 -

Every once in a while, one takes a punt on something different. I’d say I was exceptionally broad minded when it came to the music I listen to, but even then, we all have our preferences and individual tastes… As such, it should be noted that EBM (‘electronic body music’ to those too metal to know otherwise) is, to me… Read More »

Front Line Assembly - 'Echogenetic'
Front Line Assembly – ‘Echogenetic’ (, , )
11th August 2013 -

(This review of ‘Echogenetic’ precedes an interview I recently did with Bill Leeb himself, in which we discuss the background and construction of the album. Check out Rock Sins in the next few days for the interview itself!) A haunting industrial ‘resonance’ (appropriately it’s title too) starts proceedings and it feels very much like the modern-day industrial EDM you’d come… Read More »

Palms – ‘Palms’ (, )
14th July 2013 -

In short, this sounds exactly what you would expect ISIS and Chino to sound like; a well produced, emotive and peaceful balance of four fantastic musicians. That said, essentially it is ISIS through and through; melodic / sweeping ambience and guitar strokes; it’s very much a mix of the ‘Panopticon’ / ‘Wavering Radiant’ era and style, alas not as heavy… Read More »

Skinny Puppy - 'Weapon'
Skinny Puppy – ‘Weapon’ (, )
9th June 2013 -

Though bands continue to come and go and many burn out after their peak or remain steadfast in the wheels of motion rehashing a dying formula, some manage to continue their work with much the same desire and influential results that they started with. One such band are pioneers of electronic industrial music Skinny Puppy, who’s twelfth studio album ‘Weapon’… Read More »

Neurosis – Honor Found In Decay (, , )
19th January 2013 -

If you aren’t familiar with Neurosis in any way then take this as a warning as much as a recommendation, Neurosis are heavy. Heavy in every possible way conceivable. No matter how much Tore Von Leathertrousers shrieks about Satan in a forest in Norway or how many times groups of bodybuilders in basketball vests with neck tattoos grunt about “fucking… Read More »