Death Metal Reviews

Enemy Reign – Means To A Dead End ()
24th April 2011 -

Originating from Denver, Colorado, ENEMY REIGN is a band that does not adhere to the restrictions of a closed minded genre. Not afraid to draw influence from Early 90’s Death Metal, late 80’s Grindcore, East Coast Hardcore, and Bay Area Thrash, friends and fans have coined the term “metal for metalheads” Metal for Metalheads this debut EP most definitely is,… Read More »

Loathe – Despondent By Design ()
24th April 2011 -

We were lucky enough to get a few tracks from <strong>Loathe</strong>’s upcoming album <strong>Despondent By Design.</strong> Not a band that minces their words, Loathe are on the cusp of a new rung in their ladder. After having released three EPs over the last 5 years, their new, full length album, entitled Despondent By Design’ is currently being recorded and released… Read More »