Death Metal Reviews

Decapitated – Anticult ()
4th July 2017 -

When a band reaches a certain point in its career, the members can often find themselves in a difficult situation: upset fans by releasing the same sort of album again and again, or upset fans by attempting to branch out and alter their sound. For Decapitated, things have very much leaned towards the latter, especially after the forced change of… Read More »

Once Human – Evolution (, )
27th March 2017 -

Logan Mader has been a busy guy lately. Aside from his acclaimed production work, he made a surprise return to performing music in 2015 with melodeath group Once Human, putting out an impressive debut at the end of that year. 2016 was then spent with some touring, before recruiting a new member (third guitarist Max Karon) and jumping straight back… Read More »

Obituary – Obituary Review (, , )
23rd March 2017 -

Obituary have been together over thirty years now. Releasing a self titled record is often thought of as a career – and legacy – defining move. Whilst Suicide Silence’s controversy ridden eponymous release came with a total change in direction; Obituary have simply solidified their thrashy death metal roots. Indeed, Obituary is almost the band by numbers. There’s little new… Read More »

Memoriam For The Fallen Album Artwork Cover
Memoriam – For The Fallen ()
22nd March 2017 -

When news broke in 2015 that Bolt Thrower’s drummer, Martin ‘Kiddie’ Kearns, had died it marked the end of the English death metal behemoths. But, from the ashes of Bolt Thrower, arise Memoriam. Comprised largely of members of Bolt Thrower and Benediction, the old school death metal quartet are ready to wage war once again with their debut full-length, ‘For… Read More »

Emmure Look At Yourself Album Cover
Emmure – Look At Yourself (, )
3rd March 2017 -

Where do we even begin with Emmure? No doubt if you have had your finger on the pulse, then you will have likely heard all the stories a million times over. But what you probably don’t know is the story of the rebirth. This album will tell that story. Look At Yourself is the album that Emmure always threatened to… Read More »