Death Metal Reviews

Nails You Will Never Be One Of Us Album Cover
NAILS – You Will Never Be One Of Us (, )
4th August 2016 -

RockSins writer Will Stevenson tackles the latest album from grindcore band NAILS.

Carnifex - Slow Death Album Cover
Carnifex – Slow Death ()
29th July 2016 -

Carnifex’s sixth album is no ‘Slow Death’, but a passionate demonstration of their talents beyond the mortal coil. Deathcore’s ever faithful Californians have graced our dungeons for a whole decade, and 2016 is the year they return to the grave. ‘Slow Death’ visits their mortal stubbornness on the way into the underworld and their swift return, an existential return ticket…. Read More »

Fleshgod Apocalypse – King (, )
13th April 2016 -

Fleshgod Apocalypse’s fourth full length album King is a stunning example of how to do symphonic death metal right. It’s an often beleaguered sub-genre, full of faux-classical pretentiousness yet Fleshgod have always managed to use their strings, choirs and other grandiose elements to great, chilling effect. King manages to take these theatrical aspirations to even higher places than ever before…. Read More »

The King Is Blind Our Father Album Cover
The King Is Blind – Our Father (, , )
26th February 2016 -

Since forming in 2013, Essex’s The King Is Blind have been making ripples in the UK’s extreme metal underground. Two years on from 2014’s The Deficiencies of Man EP, the band are ready to unleash their debut full length record, Our Father. Does this debut record inject fresh life into Britain’s blossoming modern extreme metal scene or does it get… Read More »

Witchour - The Haunting EP Artwork
WITCHOUR – The Haunting EP Review ()
14th September 2015 -

Witchour are a 5 piece melodic death metal group from Buenos Aires, Argentina. This August they came out of nowhere with their debut EP, “The Haunting”. When I clicked on the link, I expected it to be rather generic melodeath which wouldn’t amount to much. Boy, was I wrong. The EP opens up with “Feel the Unknown”, through aggressive guitars… Read More »