Doom Metal Reviews

brutus-burst album cover artwork
Brutus – Burst (, )
29th March 2017 -

When a band waits over three years to release their debut album it adds an air of pressure to the release. After the years of hard work it would be easy for the album to fall below expectations and difficult for a fan base has given so much back to the band to have those expectations met. Leuven, Belgium is… Read More »

The King Is Blind Our Father Album Cover
The King Is Blind – Our Father (, , )
26th February 2016 -

Since forming in 2013, Essex’s The King Is Blind have been making ripples in the UK’s extreme metal underground. Two years on from 2014’s The Deficiencies of Man EP, the band are ready to unleash their debut full length record, Our Father. Does this debut record inject fresh life into Britain’s blossoming modern extreme metal scene or does it get… Read More »

Famyne EP Artwork
Famyne – ‘Famyne’ (Self Titled) E.P (, )
4th November 2015 -

Canterbury doom band, Famyne’s first, and self-titled EP is far from the retro tendencies that inevitably spring to mind when talking about doom. All three tracks might exhibit strong 70’s and 80’s elements, you’d have to be deaf to not hear Black Sabbath in the menacing build-up of opening track ‘Enter the Sloth’ but this old-school riffing is paired with… Read More »

Hang the Bastard - 'Sex in the Seventh Circle'
Hang the Bastard – ‘Sex in the Seventh Circle’ (, )
14th September 2014 -

Needless to say, over the time they have been performing as a band under the banner of Hang the Bastard, their name alone was enough for people to take notice. Usually in such manners, the musical output lets this attention down… But, what can be said in words alone that will give this absolute monster of an album the justified… Read More »

Triptykon Melana Chasmata Album Artwork
Triptykon – Melana Chasmata (, )
11th June 2014 -

Tom G Warrior has always been at the forefront of progress; constantly creating challenging, boundary altering music. After the unfortunate demise of Celtic Frost his latest project, Triptykon arose from the ashes with the monolithically heavy ‘Eparistera Daimones.’ One of, if not the most heavy albums of recording history (and I don’t say that lightly) Eparistera also maintained a sense… Read More »