Electronica Reviews

Nine Inch Nails Not The Actual Events EP Cover
Nine Inch Nails – Not The Actual Events (, )
19th January 2017 -

It says a lot about Trent Reznor, that he can tease his audience with the promise of new Nine Inch Nails music a year in advance and have people not lose interest, even when he then decides to surprise release that music 2 days before Christmas. But in a world of instant gratification, Trent is one of those musicians who… Read More »

Cyanotic – Worst Case Scenario Vol. 1+2 (, )
20th November 2015 -

Cyanotic are one of the central players in the US industrial scene. Although still firmly in the underground, their collective Glitch Mode has helped propel many industrial acts into the scene and has led to a tight relationship with acts such as Rabbit Junk. At the start of the year they released their new album, Worst Case Scenario, Vol. 1,… Read More »

Rabbit Junk – Beast (, , )
27th October 2015 -

JP Anderson is a busy man. As mentioned in our interview with the Rabbit Junk/The Named/Wolves Under Sail frontman earlier this summer, Anderson has had to juggle a mountain of different projects with his family life and education as a Politics graduate for the past few years, and yet here he is continuing to throw out high quality releases on… Read More »

Crossfaith - Xeno Album Artwork
Crossfaith – Xeno (, , )
11th September 2015 -

Over the last few years Crossfaith have built up a reputation of being one of the best live bands around. However their studio output has never been quite as well received as their live show, despite being consistently brilliant. They’ve often been written off as just a party band and their songwriting has never been given the credit it deserves. Hopefully with… Read More »

Her Blood In My Veins – NOA (, , )
10th September 2015 -

Her Blood In My Veins, formerly known as Aynth, is a one man band from Germany that’s spent a few years developing in the underground IDM scene. Despite only starting to release material in 2012, the project has been surprisingly prolific and new mini-album NOA is the 13th release by the project, and first under the current name. HBIMV decides… Read More »