Hardcore Reviews

The St Pierre Snake Invasion – Caprice Enchanté Album Artwork
The St Pierre Snake Invasion – Caprice Enchanté (, )
17th June 2019 -

Beginnings are difficult. Take this review for example; hours were spent thinking about an ideal introduction that would tie the article together thematically, as well as providing a snappy start. Imagine then just how painstaking and meticulous the decision of how to start an album must be. It’s the first thing the listener will hear, bar any promotional singles released… Read More »

MTXS - Ache Album Artwork
MTXS – Ache (, )
30th May 2019 -

To paraphrase Doctor Steven Strange – a great philosopher of our age – “We’re in the hardcore age now”, and this call to arms has most recently been answered by Essex quintet, MTXS, and their new album Ache. In a world post-Code Orange’s Forever, we’ve seen a steady increase in the number of bands returning to hardcore/metal crossover with a… Read More »

Minors - Abject Bodies Album Cover Artwork
Minors – Abject Bodies (, )
19th February 2019 -

By now you should be familiar with Holy Roar Records. If not; you need to sort that out immediately. Purveyors if all things interesting in the world of heavy music, their output is always soulful, emotionally wrought and more often than not spine snappingly heavy. Be it the barren, contemplative bearing of the soul of A.A. Williams, or the outright… Read More »

Starve To Survive - Have Me To Waste
Starve to Survive – Have Me To Waste (, )
1st February 2019 -

The North-East has quietly become a burgeoning hub of hardcore. The nascent scene is producing bands who are speedily earning their way onto coveted tours, with the likes of Loathe, God Complex and Astronoid all hailing from upper regions of Britain. Despite its infancy as a hardcore destination, the North is coming out with new releases thick and fast, the… Read More »

Mastiff Plague Album Cover Artwork
Mastiff – Plague (, , )
22nd January 2019 -

What if Primitive Man were a hardcore band? If that proposition has you salivating as it should, then settle in for one of the finest releases of 2019 so far. An album that is as punishing as it is cathartic. An album that will have you overwhelmed with murderous rage then praying for the sweet release of death. Like a… Read More »