Hardcore Reviews

Code Orange Forever Album Cover Artwork
Code Orange – Forever (, )
12th January 2017 -

Hardcore is often seen as a very limited genre, it’s so entrenched in its own values and it’s very rare that bands step outside these. In 2014 Code Orange pushed the boundaries of the genre with I Am King, when they ditched the Kids from their name it was more than just a name change. The band evolved into something much heavier and more… Read More »

Refused Freedom Album Cover
Refused – Freedom (, , )
10th July 2015 -

August 13, 2012. It was my second night in a row at the London Forum to witness a defining moment in my time as a punk fan, something I thought I’d never see before that point, or ever again afterwards. Refused were back, although they were adamant this was a onetime thing. The band, which had been dead for about… Read More »

Deez Nuts – Word Is Bond ()
24th April 2015 -

On paper combining hip-hop with hardcore seemed like an impossible fusion but Australian four piece Deez Nuts have established a unique sound over an eight year career. With an appearance at Impericon Festival in Manchester drawing ever so closer the band are ready to unleash their fourth studio record, Word Is Bond, to the world. Does this new offering by… Read More »

Cancer Bats – Searching For Zero (, , )
1st April 2015 -

After taking almost all of 2014 off, Cancer Bats have made their return with their fifth album Searching For Zero. With four fantastic albums already under their belt Cancer Bats have come back with something a little different, Searching For Zero will no doubt prove to be the most divisive album Cancer Bats have released. The most discussed aspect of the album has no… Read More »

Stick To Your Guns – Disobedient (, , )
12th February 2015 -

Orange County’s Stick To Your Guns have steadily built their reputation in the modern hardcore scene. 2012’s Diamond propelled the band into countless tours and festival appearances and now, three years later the band are back with their fifth studio record; Disobedient. Does this new offering by Stick To Your Guns match the excellence that was Diamond, or does it… Read More »