Hardcore Reviews

Brotherhood Of The Lake – Desperation Is The English Way Vol.2 (, , )
25th February 2013 -

If you are a fan of championing home grown talent and absurdly heavy, remorseless brutality, then whet your lips in anticipation. Brotherhood Of The Lake are about to make you very happy indeed. Although this is the only happiness that you will find in conjunction with this band, for what we have here is eight tracks of the nastiest, most… Read More »

Your Demise – Cold Chillin’ (, , )
16th January 2013 -

Four tracks, 12 minutes, 1,000,000 riffs. Your Demise are back, and they’ve got a point to prove. Last year’s The Golden Age split the band’s fanbase down the middle. Some people embraced the new direction Your Demise had taken, others weren’t so keen. The increased use of clean vocals and the pop punk style of some songs were a step… Read More »

Polar. – Iron Lungs Review (, )
30th April 2012 -

It’s common knowledge that the UK hardcore scene is enjoying its golden age right now. The nation is producing dozens upon dozens of bands that are surely destined for success. But there is one band that are ready to step up and take their throne as the new kings of UK hardcore. From the label that brought us Deaf Havana… Read More »

Attack Attack! – This Means War (, , , , )
4th February 2012 -

Attack Attack! (US), the Ohio metalcore band credited (or should that be blamed?) for the creation of crabcore are back with their more ‘mature’ sound. The thing is, their more ‘mature’ sound is djent. Yep that’s right, everyone’s favourite generic scenecore band have jumped on 2010’s latest bandwagon. First off, take a look at the album cover. It looks like… Read More »

Gallows – Death Is Birth (, )
12th December 2011 -

When Frank Carter announced he was leaving Gallows in July, many though the band was over, after all, Frank’s unmistakable vocals were seen by many to be the focal point of the band’s sound.But After months of speculation the band announced they would continue with none other than Wade MacNeil as their frontman. Our first sampler of Wade era Gallows… Read More »