Hardcore Reviews

Attack Attack! – This Means War (, , , , )
4th February 2012 -

Attack Attack! (US), the Ohio metalcore band credited (or should that be blamed?) for the creation of crabcore are back with their more ‘mature’ sound. The thing is, their more ‘mature’ sound is djent. Yep that’s right, everyone’s favourite generic scenecore band have jumped on 2010’s latest bandwagon. First off, take a look at the album cover. It looks like… Read More »

Gallows – Death Is Birth (, )
12th December 2011 -

When Frank Carter announced he was leaving Gallows in July, many though the band was over, after all, Frank’s unmistakable vocals were seen by many to be the focal point of the band’s sound.But After months of speculation the band announced they would continue with none other than Wade MacNeil as their frontman. Our first sampler of Wade era Gallows… Read More »

Boys With X-Ray Eyes – Oh My! How We Terrify (, )
25th April 2011 -

Combine Every Time I Die with The Dillinger Escape Plan and you basically have Boys with X-ray Eyes. Exceptionally eccentric and musically diverse BWXE combine Mathcore guitar sounds with a hardcore aggression to give a fresh, often piercing sound. Opener Hotrod shows their influences in seconds with riff after riff of bizarre, yet alluring tones and textures. The vocals are… Read More »

The Hotel Ambush – Condemned (, )
25th April 2011 -

Only 3 years in the making and ‘The Hotel Ambush’ are already showing signs of things to come. Condemned is a 7 track mini album that displays the bands ability to combine heavy, memorable riffs, balls to the wall aggression, catchy, distinctive choruses and sleek, stylish solos. Echoes (from within) and Cutting the Tie’s become instant favourites. Dreaming is a… Read More »

Letlive – Fake History (, )
25th April 2011 -

Have you ever bought an album without knowing anything about the band, have very little expectations and just bought it merely because someone said it was good? Well, this is what happened here. Only this time, saying I was blown away would be like saying Justin Bieber is a modern day Michael Jackson. As Le Prologue plays out and The… Read More »