Hardcore Reviews

Black Breath – Heavy Breathing (, , )
25th April 2011 -

Ok, so we’re in June and this came out in March but this bad boy must have sneaked its way past me. Thankfully all is not lost as it has now found its way into my ears and what an aural sensation that is. Sonically this is nothing short of devastating, Kurt Ballou (Converge) delivering his typical crushing production to… Read More »

Here Lies Affliction – Catharsis (, )
25th April 2011 -

Regular visitors to Rocksins might remember early in 2010 I wrote an article about “10 up and coming british bands you need to hear“. If you don’t remember, or didn’t see it, read it by clicking on the title. One of the bands mentioned in that article were Harrow/Hillingdon hardcore metal collective Here Lies Affliction, who have just released their… Read More »

The Smoking Hearts - Pride Of Nowhere
The Smoking Hearts – Pride Of Nowhere ()
25th April 2011 -

Clocking in at an impressively zippy 29ish mins, The Smoking Hearts debut kicks off and doesn’t let up until the final slide of ‘Message in a Molotov’. It’s like an uninvited party crasher, opening track ‘Pride of Nowhere’ with its pick scrapes and feedback rattles your front door before the rest of the album crashes through with 12 of it’s… Read More »

Converge – Axe To Fall ()
24th April 2011 -

It’s difficult to describe the sound of Converge. From their first inception almost 20 years ago they have been producing aggressive music and never swaying from their initial vision. Whereas many bands deliver the standard pre release boasting about how ‘the new album is far heavier, our best work yet, the album we’ve always wanted to make’; Converge simply write… Read More »

Jesaiah – Et Tu, Hope ()
24th April 2011 -

Jesaiah are a swedish based hardcore metal band who hooked up in 2006, but have untill now found the thought of putting an album down intimidating. The band wanted to make an album that was diverse, but would hold together. They collaborated for the first time with a producer to create Et Tu, Hope which was a huge wake up… Read More »