Industrial Reviews

Gary Numan – Savage: Live at Brixton (, , )
9th November 2018 -

Gary Numan is no stranger to a live album. He has released various different ones throughout his illustrious career, but none as spectacular as his latest release Savage: Live at Brixton. Recorded at the legendary Brixton Academy on October 14th 2017 on the first leg of the Savage album tour, this 2 cd & dvd package captures Gary at his… Read More »

Gary Numan – The Fallen E.P (, , )
9th November 2018 -

Last years Savage (Songs From A Broken Mind) was a huge triumph and arguably one of the most successful high points in a career full of them. But if you know anything then you will know that Gary Numan is an artist that is not content to rest on his laurels. Here we are then just over a year after… Read More »

Nine Inch Nails – Bad Witch (, )
22nd June 2018 -

The last 18 months or so have been pretty amazing for Nine Inch Nails fans. Not only has there been new music in the form of two e.p’s Not the Actual Events and Add Violence, but there have also been shows to go with it. Nine Inch Nails are back and in a big bad way. When the first e.p was announced… Read More »

JONATHAN DAVIS – Black Labyrinth (, , , )
24th May 2018 -

10 years is a long time in music. Since Jonathan Davis began work on his debut solo album in 2007, the musical landscape has changed significantly. Nu metal collapsed from the mainstream, dubstep came and went, and One Direction took over the world momentarily. Nevertheless, Davis continued to toil away at his album and, in 2017, was finally prepared to… Read More »

The Dead XIII - Dark Days Album Cover Artwork
The Dead XIII – Dark Days (, , )
2nd April 2018 -

Over the years there has been no shortage of bands trying to grab your attention and distinguish themselves from the crowd. Whether you do it with a gimmick or a by sheer force of music, everyone is looking to do something different. This is where The Dead XIII come in, and boy do they come in strong. I will admit… Read More »