Metal Reviews

Betraying the Martyrs – The Resilient ()
21st February 2017 -

Betraying the Martyrs are a great band, of that there is no doubt. They are often better than most bands they are on any given bill with, yet they don’t seem to have reached the same level of success as those bands. Well, I think that might be about to change. The Resilient, the band’s newest album proves that they can… Read More »

Firewind – Immortals (, )
10th February 2017 -

Basking in the glory of their ancient Greek ancestors, Firewind’s faultless eighth album ‘Immortals‘ presents an epic classical tale through stunning electrics and celestial vocals. Bridging the 5-year gap since ‘Few Against Many’, ‘Immortals’ is a brave yet expertly executed first venture into the conceptual realm. It’s no secret Gus G is a godlike axeman and Henning Basse wields rather… Read More »

Suicide Silence Self Titled Album Cover
Suicide Silence – Suicide Silence (Self Titled) (, )
9th February 2017 -

Suicide Silence are one of the most popular bands of the modern Death Metal/Deathcore era, and with popularity comes fans and fan entitlement. Unless you have been living under a rock recently you will know that Suicide Silence have become somewhat of a target for fervent fan outrage over their new musical direction, even to the point that a petition has… Read More »

Vader The Empire Album Cover Artwork
Vader – The Empire (, )
27th January 2017 -

It’s testament to any bands quality that they can produce such consistently excellent work three decades into a career of extreme metal. Fortunately for us Vader remain one of these bands with latest album ‘The Empire’ being just as good as anything else they’ve produced in the past few years. All death metal needs to feel powerful. It’s certainly achieved… Read More »

As Lions Selfish Age Album Artwork
As Lions – Selfish Age (, )
26th January 2017 -

As Lions are a band that you will no doubt be hearing a lot from in 2017. This is largely due to the release of their debut album Selfish Age and for the considerable push, they are getting. For those of you that saw Five Finger Death Punch headline Wembley in 2015 you will have seen them in a supporting role there as… Read More »