Metal Reviews

Batushka - Hospodi Album Cover Artwork
Batushka – Hospodi (, )
11th July 2019 -

Being taken from the Slavic Old Church word for God, you may go into the new Batushka – The Metal Blade one – album with expectations of something continuing in their ritualistic approach to black metal. You would be correct. With their sophomore release, Batushka continue in the manner that made them such an exciting proposition on the debut album…. Read More »

The St Pierre Snake Invasion – Caprice Enchanté Album Artwork
The St Pierre Snake Invasion – Caprice Enchanté (, )
17th June 2019 -

Beginnings are difficult. Take this review for example; hours were spent thinking about an ideal introduction that would tie the article together thematically, as well as providing a snappy start. Imagine then just how painstaking and meticulous the decision of how to start an album must be. It’s the first thing the listener will hear, bar any promotional singles released… Read More »

Heart Of A Coward - The Disconnect Album Cover Artwork
Heart of a Coward – The Disconnect (, )
4th June 2019 -

At this point there is no denying that Heart Of A Coward are stalwarts of heavy music. They may not be a leviathan in the scene, but through constant touring, appearances at every festival under the sun and support slots for such luminaries as Machine Head and SikTh, they have earned their respected position. With three albums under their collective… Read More »

Firespawn - Abominate Album Cover Artwork
Firespawn – Abominate (, )
3rd June 2019 -

Is there something in Umeå’s water supply? If not then there is some form of Hadean spell cast over the Swedish city as it seems to produce only the finest heavy music. Those of you not familiar with the North Eastern province in the Västerbotten will know of its exports, Meshuggah and Refused, two bands of such towering influence and… Read More »

MTXS - Ache Album Artwork
MTXS – Ache (, )
30th May 2019 -

To paraphrase Doctor Steven Strange – a great philosopher of our age – “We’re in the hardcore age now”, and this call to arms has most recently been answered by Essex quintet, MTXS, and their new album Ache. In a world post-Code Orange’s Forever, we’ve seen a steady increase in the number of bands returning to hardcore/metal crossover with a… Read More »