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Five Finger Death Punch - And Justice For None Album Cover Artwork
Five Finger Death Punch – And Justice For None (, )
16th May 2018 -

Before getting into the nuts and bolts of Five Finger Death Punch’s seventh studio album, And Justice For None, some context is required. The album was recorded roughly eighteen months ago, with a dispute with the band’s old label holding up the album’s release until now. At the time And Justice For None was recorded, Five Finger Death Punch were… Read More »

Bleeding Through – Love Will Kill All (, , )
15th May 2018 -

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like being trapped in a tiny room with an angry bear and no escape? well, imagine that you haven’t but you are curious to know what that feels like…Well, may I suggest listening to the new Bleeding Through album? It’s been 6 long years since the bands then swansong The Great Fire… Read More »

Tesseract – Sonder (, , , )
11th May 2018 -

There is a certain level of prestige that comes with a band like Tesseract. Constantly performing at the highest level, there aren’t many bands that can compete with them at their best. Sonder their fourth full length album looks to further this point by being absolutely breathtaking in almost every concievable way. This is music that brings the listener on… Read More »

Bad Wolves – Disobey (, )
11th May 2018 -

Bad Wolves are already a legacy band. Made up of former members of Divine Heresy, God Forbid, Devildriver and In This Moment, the expectation was always going to be high for their debut album. The good news is that Bad Wolves more than rise to the challenge. Disobey is a modern metal debut for the ages. It’s not quite an… Read More »

Sevendust – All I See Is War (, )
8th May 2018 -

Sevendust have always been a tremendously underrated band. Emerging onto the scene in 1997 (despite forming in 1994) they were placed into a crowded scene and somehow overlooked. The main difference between them and their peers is that they are fundamentally a more thoughtful form of band, one that displays a great deal of care in everything they do. Their… Read More »