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Five Finger Death Punch Got Your Six Album Cover
Five Finger Death Punch – Got Your Six ()
2nd September 2015 -

Five Finger Death Punch are always going to divide opinion in the metal world. With various well documented upsets surrounding the band in recent months, their sixth album Got Your Six provides a timely opportunity to refocus back onto the band’s musical output. Can they continue their relentless climb to the top of the metal world with their latest record?… Read More »

Disturbed Immortalized Album Cover
Disturbed – Immortalized (, )
2nd September 2015 -

Once at the summit of modern metal, Disturbed have become a nostalgic band of sorts in recent years. Following from a four year hiatus, the band are back with their sixth studio record, Immortalized, in an attempt to pick up where they left off four years ago. But is this new offering simply an attempt to reclaim their crown or… Read More »

Once Human The Life I Remember Album Cover
ONCE HUMAN – The Life I Remember (, )
1st September 2015 -

Logan Mader has been absent from the stage for a long time. After the former Machine Head and Soulfly axeman’s attempt to front nu metal band Stereo Black failed to pick up significant interest, he retreated to the production table for the next decade, helping bands such as Cavalera Conspiracy, Gojira, Fear Factory and SepticFlesh to achieve such high quality… Read More »

Miss May I – ‘Deathless’ (, )
5th August 2015 -

Miss May I’s latest album ‘Deathless’ should sound familiar to anyone who’s listened to even a single from the band in the past. Unashamedly mid-000’s in its approach to metalcore ‘Deathless’ is executed very well although you can’t help but feel that Miss May I have taken a backward step creatively on this album. As always, Ryan Neff proves Miss… Read More »

Lamb of God – VII: Sturm und Drang (, )
24th July 2015 -

Lamb of God’s seventh album, VII: Sturm und Drang shows that Lamb of God are far from being a creatively spent outfit. Many bands, on album number seven might be tempted to dial it in and stick to the tried and tested formula that has served them so well in the past. Not Lamb of God. Although lead single, ‘512’… Read More »