Metal Reviews

Fleshgod Apocalypse – King (, )
13th April 2016 -

Fleshgod Apocalypse’s fourth full length album King is a stunning example of how to do symphonic death metal right. It’s an often beleaguered sub-genre, full of faux-classical pretentiousness yet Fleshgod have always managed to use their strings, choirs and other grandiose elements to great, chilling effect. King manages to take these theatrical aspirations to even higher places than ever before…. Read More »

Chasing Dragons Faction Prologue EP Artwork
Chasing Dragons – Faction: Prologue EP (, , )
8th April 2016 -

True to its name, Chasing Dragons’ ‘Faction: Prologue EP’ is a fantastic teaser of their talents and a solid promise to leave no stone unturned.

Lody Kong – Dreams and Visions (, , )
14th March 2016 -

Children of metal royalty have it hard. Having such established parentage always means that expectations will be piled upon you and we’ve seen many of these younger generations fail to live up to them, or see their careers curtailed altogether by the pressure. While Austin Dickinson has had some moderate success with Rise to Remain and now As Lions, Biff… Read More »

Killswitch Engage Incarnate Album Cover Artwork
Killswitch Engage – Incarnate (, )
13th March 2016 -

Killswitch Engage as a band coming into the recording process for Incarnate were in as good a position as they’ve been in their whole career. The reunion with Jesse Leach was an overwhelming success, last album Disarm The Descent was received very well by both fans and press and their live shows with Jesse (in particular, one very special show… Read More »

Lost Society - Braindead Album Cover Artwork
Lost Society – Braindead (, , )
10th March 2016 -

History has a way of repeating itself; and such is the case with Lost Society’s latest effort: ‘Braindead’. With almost any thrash band, classic or modern, there comes a stage where playing faster and harder just isn’t possible. Some bands manage this well: Slayer successfully introduced elements of down-tuned guitars and nu-metal on God Hates Us All’ while in recent memory, Evile… Read More »