Metal Reviews

Parkway Drive – Reverence ()
4th May 2018 -

Parkway Drive have always been a cut above everyone else, that isn’t even up for discussion it’s just a fact. With every release, they get stronger and better, constantly evolving and remaining one step ahead of everyone else. It should come as no surprise to anyone then that their newest album Reverence is without question the best album of their… Read More »

Dimmu Borgir – Eonian (, , )
3rd May 2018 -

It’s been 8 years since Dimmu Borgir last released an album. The landscape of metal and extreme metal especially has changed considerably. Anticipation was undeniably high for new music from Dimmu, but it is hard to know at this stage if that anticipation was justified. Eonian, will, without doubt, be a divisive album among fans, depending on which side of… Read More »

Boss Keloid - Melted On The Inch Album Cover
Boss Keloid – Melted On The Inch (, )
2nd May 2018 -

Every now and then, you stumble across a record that every single fan of guitar-based music needs to hear. Not a record that deserves a listen only if you have the time, nor a record that you can put on in the background while you get ready for a night out. Some creations demand your full attention right away, whether… Read More »

Anthrax – Kings Among Scotland Live (, , )
1st May 2018 -

Anthrax are one of the bands that always seem to pass me by. Obviously, I am familiar with them and have seen them live a few times, but something has never fully clicked with me before. With that said I think their last two albums ‘Worship Music’ and ‘For All Kings’ are some of their best work to date. So… Read More »

Godsmack - When Legends Rise Album Cover
Godsmack – When Legends Rise (, )
30th April 2018 -

Whether you love or hate Godsmack, It’s hard not to be impressed with the career they have carved out for themselves. Coming into prominence during the nu metal boom, they somehow managed to rise above a lot of their peers and become a mainstay in a scene where a lot bands died out long ago. When Legends Rise is Godsmack’s… Read More »