Metal Reviews

Esprit D'air Constellations Album Cover Artwork
Esprit D’Air – Constellations (, )
29th June 2017 -

London-based J-Rock Outfit Esprit D’Air are a band with seemingly big ambitions. You only have to take one listen to their comeback album ‘Constellations’ to realise this. It seems almost unfathomable to think that we nearly didn’t get this album after the band disbanded and had a lineup overhaul, before making their way back to the world. ‘Constellations’ is an album… Read More »

Death Remains – Destroy / Rebuild (, )
5th June 2017 -

When a name like Death Remains you know you’re not about to listen to a pop-punk band. Hailing from England’s capital city, the end of April saw Death Remains release their sophomore album Destroy / Rebuild. Seemingly influenced by the likes of early Killswitch Engage, this second album does everything it can to expand upon Stand.Fight.Believe and the only place… Read More »

Sikth – The Future in Whose Eyes? (, )
22nd May 2017 -

Sikth are a band that came around at the right time. In the early 00’s, nu metal was spluttering along and Sikth hit like a bolt out of the blue. After touring the toilet circuit for a number of years, they delivered a stunning debut album ‘The Trees Are Dead And Dried Out, Wait For Something Wild’ and completely changed the… Read More »

Wednesday 13 – Condolences (, )
21st May 2017 -

Seven albums into their horrifyingly contagious career, Wednesday 13 send their unapologetic ‘Condolences’ to their enemies, including death itself. Despite iconic frontman Wednesday 13 being the last surviving original member, this current line-up now feels as comfortable as ever with axeman Roman Surman assuming co-writing duties once again. After twelve years under the Wednesday moniker, ‘Condolences’ is a slick manoeuvre… Read More »

Dragonforce Reaching Into Infinity Album Cover Artwork
Dragonforce – Reaching into Infinity (, )
18th May 2017 -

For the sake of full disclosure. I haven’t listened to a Dragonforce album since Inhuman Rampage. So I haven’t anything they have done in over a decade and certainly nothing with current vocalist Marc Hudson. I will admit though that I was genuinely excited to hear them with a fresh ear after all this time. Reaching into Infinity is Dragonforce’s seventh… Read More »