Metal Reviews

Minors - Abject Bodies Album Cover Artwork
Minors – Abject Bodies (, )
19th February 2019 -

By now you should be familiar with Holy Roar Records. If not; you need to sort that out immediately. Purveyors if all things interesting in the world of heavy music, their output is always soulful, emotionally wrought and more often than not spine snappingly heavy. Be it the barren, contemplative bearing of the soul of A.A. Williams, or the outright… Read More »

Swallow The Sun - When A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light Album Artwork
Swallow The Sun – When A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light (, , , )
14th February 2019 -

Swallow The Sun’s new album, When A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light is a remarkable album for many reasons. It is inspired by and was conceived in the aftermath of Swallow The Sun’s main creative force, guitarist Juha Raivio, having his partner of many years (and bandmate in Trees Of Eternity) Aleah Starbridge pass away from cancer. With this… Read More »

Rhapsody of Fire - The Eighth Mountain Album Cover
Rhapsody Of Fire – The Eighth Mountain (, )
7th February 2019 -

If you like your Power Metal and have somehow managed to keep track of the Rhapsody/Rhapsody of Fire saga post-2011 split AND the multiple Rhapsody spin-offs and new members joining and members leaving one Rhapsody for the other since then, then hats off to you – cause that’s a lot of Rhapsody’s. So which Rhapsody is this you’ve got here… Read More »

Starve To Survive - Have Me To Waste
Starve to Survive – Have Me To Waste (, )
1st February 2019 -

The North-East has quietly become a burgeoning hub of hardcore. The nascent scene is producing bands who are speedily earning their way onto coveted tours, with the likes of Loathe, God Complex and Astronoid all hailing from upper regions of Britain. Despite its infancy as a hardcore destination, the North is coming out with new releases thick and fast, the… Read More »

Within Temptation Resist Album Cover Artwork
Within Temptation – Resist (, , )
31st January 2019 -

After a five year gap, Within Temptation are finally back with their long awaited seventh album Resist. After such a long wait the album is certainly highly anticipated from their fans especially after being delayed for almost another 2 months. So how do Within Temptation fare after coming back from such a long break? Resist starts strong enough, The Reckoning is a stomping opener and feature’s a guest spot… Read More »