Metal Reviews

Mark Morton – Anesthetic (, , )
1st March 2019 -

Lamb of God resident axe slinger Mark Morton is the lastest musician to step out from the comfort zone of a well established act and throw his hat into the solo album ring. One would argue that Lamb of God are one of the most consistent and successful metal bands of their generation, so naturally when this album was announced… Read More »

In Flames - I, The Mask Album Cover Artwork
In Flames – I, The Mask ()
28th February 2019 -

What are In Flames in 2019? The co-founders of the Gothenburg Sound almost a quarter of a century ago have tried a variety of things on some of their recent albums, both to try to stay relevant to modern audiences, and to keep things interesting for themselves. Rock Sins has had a couple of conversations with In Flames frontman Anders… Read More »

While She Sleeps - So What Album Cover Artwork
While She Sleeps – So What? (, )
26th February 2019 -

While She Sleeps are a band who’ve always done things their own way. After leaving their label and going fully independent for the majestic You Are We (one of only a handful of albums to achieve a perfect 10 score here at Rock Sins when it came out two years ago), the band have continued carving their own path. With… Read More »

Horndal - Remains Album Cover Art
Horndal – Remains ()
26th February 2019 -

Heavy metal was birthed in ashes. In the bombed ruins of post-war Aston, heavy music was formed. It was in this desolate, industrial landscape that four men found themselves creating something hitherto unheard. Mill and factory work has always inspired the most bleak realms of the artistic world, whether it’s the arable nature of John Constable’s painting, or the doom… Read More »

Dream Theater - Distance Over Time - Artwork
Dream Theater – Distance Over Time (, )
22nd February 2019 -

Dream Theater’s brand new album, Distance Over Time, comes at an interesting point for the band. Following their not entirely well received concept opus, The Astonishing (which may have played out better when seen live in it’s entirety than on record), a portion of their fans were keen to see them return to a more “normal” approach for their new… Read More »