Pop Punk Reviews

Funeral Shakes – Funeral Shakes (Self Titled) (, , , )
1st May 2018 -

It’s rare a band name properly encapsulates their sound. Metallica, check. Megadeth, check. Against Me!,  check. Funeral Shakes are another in this lineage. The name Funeral Shakes conjures up the perfect image of a band that are aggressive and in your face – but having fun with it. Formed by Gallows drummer Lee Barratt, along with members of Nervus (Em… Read More »

Tonight Alive Underworld Album Cover Artwork
Tonight Alive – Underworld (, )
12th January 2018 -

I fell in love with Tonight Alive the minute I heard them. They are a band that changes with every album, and even though I wasn’t as keen on Limitless, their previous album as many were, I still appreciated the artistry that went into it. It was with great anticipation and a tiny bit of trepidation i waited see what… Read More »

Bowling For Soup Acoustic In A Freakin English Church DVD Artwork Cover
Bowling For Soup – Acoustic in a Freakin’ English Church Live DVD ()
27th April 2017 -

I have seen Bowling For Soup live several times over the years. In fact, they are one of my favourite live bands to see. But I never imagined in my wildest dreams I would see them do an acoustic show in a church. Saying that though, this is a bit of a rare treat, so I was definitely curious to… Read More »

Bowling For Soup Drunk Dynasty Album Cover
Bowling for Soup – Drunk Dynasty Review ()
9th February 2017 -

Bowling For Soup are now on their 11th studio album, after over twenty years as a band. After glossing over their temporary UK “retirement” the band are back doing what they do best: ignorant, hilarious pop punk with big choruses. Indeed, Drunk Dynasty, as the name suggests, does not reinvent the Bowling for Soup wheel. However, that wheel is one… Read More »

Green Day – Revolution Radio (, )
19th December 2016 -

I’ll be the first to admit that I have not always had the best relationship with Green Day. As a teenager I loved the band’s ’90s output, but from the year 2000 onwards I’ve been somewhat cold to what they have been doing. Outside of ‘American Idiot’, nothing has really interested me. I infamously compared the band’s ‘Dos!’ album to… Read More »