Pop Punk Reviews

Real Friends Composure Album Cover Artwork
Real Friends – Composure ()
3rd August 2018 -

Pop Punk gets a bad rap. Tarred with the kiddie brush and knocked off as a phase as well as something you will just grow out of.  While it does go down the candyfloss and bubblegum route more than its contemporaries the genre at its best when it toughens itself up or spreads it wings. For every All Time Low… Read More »

Funeral Shakes – Funeral Shakes (Self Titled) (, , , )
1st May 2018 -

It’s rare a band name properly encapsulates their sound. Metallica, check. Megadeth, check. Against Me!,  check. Funeral Shakes are another in this lineage. The name Funeral Shakes conjures up the perfect image of a band that are aggressive and in your face – but having fun with it. Formed by Gallows drummer Lee Barratt, along with members of Nervus (Em… Read More »

Tonight Alive Underworld Album Cover Artwork
Tonight Alive – Underworld (, )
12th January 2018 -

I fell in love with Tonight Alive the minute I heard them. They are a band that changes with every album, and even though I wasn’t as keen on Limitless, their previous album as many were, I still appreciated the artistry that went into it. It was with great anticipation and a tiny bit of trepidation i waited see what… Read More »

Bowling For Soup Acoustic In A Freakin English Church DVD Artwork Cover
Bowling For Soup – Acoustic in a Freakin’ English Church Live DVD ()
27th April 2017 -

I have seen Bowling For Soup live several times over the years. In fact, they are one of my favourite live bands to see. But I never imagined in my wildest dreams I would see them do an acoustic show in a church. Saying that though, this is a bit of a rare treat, so I was definitely curious to… Read More »

Bowling For Soup Drunk Dynasty Album Cover
Bowling for Soup – Drunk Dynasty Review ()
9th February 2017 -

Bowling For Soup are now on their 11th studio album, after over twenty years as a band. After glossing over their temporary UK “retirement” the band are back doing what they do best: ignorant, hilarious pop punk with big choruses. Indeed, Drunk Dynasty, as the name suggests, does not reinvent the Bowling for Soup wheel. However, that wheel is one… Read More »