Pop Rock Reviews

Jaret & Kelly – Sittin’ in a Tree (, )
22nd March 2019 -

Jaret Reddick has been bothering the pop punk scene for 25 years as part of Bowling for Soup. Kelly Ogden is the firecracker leader of the sunshine soaked duo The Dollyrots. This collaboration album has been a long time coming. Duets albums are a rarity nowadays.There are classic examples throughout history, we’ve had Sonny & Cher, Lindsey Buckinham & Christine… Read More »

Avril Lavigne Head Above Water Album Art Cover
Avril Lavigne – Head Above Water ()
15th February 2019 -

It’s not been an easy few years for Napanee’s formerly self styled muthaf*ckin princess, Avril Lavigne. Her split from her husband, Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger, and more so her publicly acknowledged struggle with Lyme disease, has kept her away from the world of music for far longer than she would have wished. Whilst giving her some substantial challenges to overcome,… Read More »

Papa Roach – Who Do You Trust? (, , )
21st January 2019 -

The Molotov has dropped, but can we still trust Papa Roach or is this the start of the ending? Love them or hate them Papa Roach have maintained a pretty consistent level of popularity over the last 20 years (jesus!), which may have something to do with their ability to evolve with every album yet still maintain that distinct identity… Read More »

Disturbed – Evolution (, )
19th October 2018 -

Disturbed have always been a divisive band, one with just as many supporters as haters, and remarkably over the course of the last 18 years that feeling hasn’t really dissipated. It came as a massive surprise to the world then when they scores a huge global with with their cover of The Sound of Silence, suddenly the world couldn’t get… Read More »

Good Charlotte – Generation Rx (, , )
14th September 2018 -

It’s incredible to think that Good Charlotte have just celebrated their 23rd year as a band. Music has gone through so many phases ans scenes since then, but they have weathered all the storms and come through the other side, and dare I say it, they are a much stronger band now than they were then. Generation Rx is their… Read More »