Post-rock Reviews

Pleiades - All At Your Mercy Album Cover Artwork
Pleiades – All At Your Mercy (, )
20th May 2019 -

Opening with minimalist bass and guitar and tom driven percussion that builds to bursting point is a smart way to kick off a release, and such is the beginning of the new Pleiades album. It sets the mood by sonically establishing the variety of heaviness set to unfold, in this case a face melting composite of almost blackgazing expanse and… Read More »

Afreet – Afreet EP (, , )
23rd April 2019 -

Afreet is the brand new post-metal project of Yousef Shah and Sulleiman Omar, previously half of the band District Unknown (who we covered a couple of years ago. Read here). They made waves several years ago with their status as Afghanistan’s first metal band, often forced to play in secret in order to avoid falling foul of religious fundamentalists, culminating… Read More »

Latitudes - Part Island Album Cover Artwork
Latitudes – Part Island (, , , )
1st April 2019 -

Some people write off post-music as egregiously onanistic or pretentious. These people are of course fools who have never heard, for example, Through Silver In Blood, Kodama or Sunbather. In the world of post- music exists a rainbow of talented artists creating works of wonder with the tools handed down by previous generations of musicians. They seek to create something… Read More »

Mono - Nowhere Now Hear Album Cover
MONO – Nowhere Now Here (, , )
22nd January 2019 -

Post-Rock is the ultimate Marmite genre. For some it is a limitless exploration of musicality through carefully expanding soundscapes and subtle rhythms, but for others it is tedious, pretentious and a waste of time. When a band eschews vocals and is completely instrumental, then you have one of the least accessible propositions on your hands. In this Venn diagram we… Read More »