Power Metal Reviews

Avantasia - Moonglow Album Cover Art
Avantasia – Moonglow (, )
13th February 2019 -

The German legend that is Tobias Sammet (also of Edguy) is back with his supergroup Metal Opera, Avantasia. Two years in the making, ‘Moonglow’ gets the honour of being Avantasia’s 8th album release – not bad for something that was just supposed to be a once-in-a-lifetime studio project back in 2001. Like its predecessor, ‘Ghostlights’, ‘Moonglow’ too is unsurprisingly a… Read More »

Rhapsody of Fire - The Eighth Mountain Album Cover
Rhapsody Of Fire – The Eighth Mountain (, )
7th February 2019 -

If you like your Power Metal and have somehow managed to keep track of the Rhapsody/Rhapsody of Fire saga post-2011 split AND the multiple Rhapsody spin-offs and new members joining and members leaving one Rhapsody for the other since then, then hats off to you – cause that’s a lot of Rhapsody’s. So which Rhapsody is this you’ve got here… Read More »

Kamelot The Shadow Theory Album Cover Artwork
Kamelot – The Shadow Theory (, )
28th December 2018 -

Having lost their way slightly in the early part of this decade, the current incarnation of Kamelot really found their feet with their last album Haven. Their 2015 release was arguably their best since their golden run from the early to mid 00’s of albums like The Black Halo and Ghost Opera, so all hopes were that The Shadow Theory… Read More »

Iced Earth - Incorruptible Album Cover
Iced Earth – Incorruptible (, , )
18th July 2017 -

Amazingly for a band that has been around 32 years (they started in 1985), has gone through over 20 members and is dropping its 12th Album Iced Earth are a band that had all but passed me by. I am aware of them mainly by seeing people wearing their t-shirts and the fact I have a friend who loves them…. Read More »

Dragonforce Reaching Into Infinity Album Cover Artwork
Dragonforce – Reaching into Infinity (, )
18th May 2017 -

For the sake of full disclosure. I haven’t listened to a Dragonforce album since Inhuman Rampage. So I haven’t anything they have done in over a decade and certainly nothing with current vocalist Marc Hudson. I will admit though that I was genuinely excited to hear them with a fresh ear after all this time. Reaching into Infinity is Dragonforce’s seventh… Read More »