Prog Metal Reviews

Dream Theater - Distance Over Time - Artwork
Dream Theater – Distance Over Time (, )
22nd February 2019 -

Dream Theater’s brand new album, Distance Over Time, comes at an interesting point for the band. Following their not entirely well received concept opus, The Astonishing (which may have played out better when seen live in it’s entirety than on record), a portion of their fans were keen to see them return to a more “normal” approach for their new… Read More »

Wheel Moving Backwards Album Cover Artwork
Wheel – Moving Backwards (, )
18th February 2019 -

Progressive is a loaded term in music. For some it signals forward thinking, expansive music that experiments in ways barely dreamt of. For others it’s a synonym for beard stroking fretboard onanism in as many time signatures as physically possible. There are many shades of progressive in heavy music, each trying to push boundaries further than the last. The latest… Read More »

Avantasia - Moonglow Album Cover Art
Avantasia – Moonglow (, )
13th February 2019 -

The German legend that is Tobias Sammet (also of Edguy) is back with his supergroup Metal Opera, Avantasia. Two years in the making, ‘Moonglow’ gets the honour of being Avantasia’s 8th album release – not bad for something that was just supposed to be a once-in-a-lifetime studio project back in 2001. Like its predecessor, ‘Ghostlights’, ‘Moonglow’ too is unsurprisingly a… Read More »

Khaidian - Penumbra Album Cover Artwork
Khaidian – Penumbra (, , , )
8th January 2019 -

Prog hasn’t always been cool. In the 1970s, the excessive virtuosity and middle classed barrier to entry gave rise to the rebellion of punk, and prog shrank away to a genre that one would only admit an affinity for in hushed tones. Prog became the antithesis of cool. Over the years this ostracisation lapsed, though prog fans are still depicted… Read More »

Vola - Applause From A Distant Crowd Album Cover Artwork
VOLA – Applause of a Distant Crowd (, , , )
11th October 2018 -

Bursting forth from their Danish homeland with enough ideas to put even the most ardent of musicians to shame, progressive quartet VOLA have set out their stall to become a shining beacon in the world of interesting, inventive and technically challenging rock music. With sophomore album ‘Applause of a Distant Crowd’ featuring more twists and turns than any river you’d… Read More »