Prog Metal Reviews

TesseracT - Polaris Album Cover
TesseracT – Polaris (, )
9th November 2015 -

TesseracT are one of those bands that get lumped into the djent movement like no tomorrow. With the movement constantly being over-saturated with bands that resemble carbon copies of each other, finding a name for yourself in progressive metal and djent has become ever so difficult. TesseracT however, have always provided the cutting edge to the scene and the band’s… Read More »

Fightstar – Behind the Devil’s Back (, )
13th October 2015 -

The members of Fightstar have been busy boys during their 5 year hiatus after the release of 2009’s stellar Be Human. While Charlie Simpson had to keep fending off Busted reunion rumours he released two solo albums, played the world’s coldest gig in Siberia and wrote a song with the remote San Bushmen as part of Watch’s TV series, ‘Singing… Read More »

Above The Earth - Every Moment Album Cover Artwork
Above The Earth – Every Moment (, , )
28th August 2015 -

Above The Earth was formed by Russian industrial virtuoso Roman Arsafes and former Destiny Potato vocalist Aleksandra Radosavljevic after the latter’s departure from the Serbian pop-djent band in 2012. With their debut EP in the same year, they made a name for themselves in the Eastern European progressive metal scene and this year, with “Every Moment”, they’re hoping to crack… Read More »

Feared - Synder Album Cover
2nd June 2015 -

Ola Englund’s project Feared is back with a new album, bringing in journeyman drummer (and former Six Feet Under bandmate) Kevin Talley and bassist Jocke Skog to round out the band’s lineup from the two-piece it was with Mario Santos Ramos for their previous effort. New lineup assembled, Englund and co have managed to produce an album which further pushes… Read More »

Oceans Ate Alaska – Lost Isles (, )
6th March 2015 -

Having already built up an impressive fan-base following the success of their Into The Deep EP, Oceans Ate Alaska look to expand on this with their release of their debut album Lost Isles. Metalcore is a crowded genre right now but it seems like Oceans Ate Alaska might just have what it takes to stand out. Lost Isles finds a nice middle ground… Read More »