Prog Metal Reviews

Extol – Extol (Self Titled) (, , )
3rd July 2013 -

Extol are a norwegian extreme metal band recently re-formed after a period of inactivity, their latest self-titled effort sees the band bringing in producer Jens Bogren – who has worked with bands such as Opeth, Paradise Lost and Enslaved. Opeth offer a good reference to the sound of this self-titled effort; death metal utilizing dark and light textures although where Opeth… Read More »

Neurosis – Honor Found In Decay (, , )
19th January 2013 -

If you aren’t familiar with Neurosis in any way then take this as a warning as much as a recommendation, Neurosis are heavy. Heavy in every possible way conceivable. No matter how much Tore Von Leathertrousers shrieks about Satan in a forest in Norway or how many times groups of bodybuilders in basketball vests with neck tattoos grunt about “fucking… Read More »

Mastodon – ‘The Hunter’ (, )
20th December 2011 -

Mastodon are a band who, in my eyes, are in the vein of Opeth in as much as their music is not only undeniably brilliant, but also accessible when the time is taken to absorb and appreciate their moderately unique musical tapestry. Much like their Swedish counterparts, the new album marks another change in their musical direction yet still somehow… Read More »

Opeth - 'Heritage'
Opeth – Heritage (, , )
1st October 2011 -

Opeth… quite simply one of the best bands around, and one of my favourites. What follows is a review of their latest album, the opinion dividing ‘Heritage’. Now, firstly it should be noted that Opeth are not a band of convention; they have always said that they are not afraid to experiment and diverse themselves with their musical direction. They… Read More »

dream theater - a dramatic turn of events album cover
Dream Theater – A Dramatic Turn Of Events (, , )
8th September 2011 -

The first Dream Theater album without Mike Portnoy was always going to be a very interesting experience. After the band’s long and well publicised search for his replacement, they found a most capable drummer in Mike Mangini, no less than the fastest drummer in the world. With Mike on board the band set about carving out the first Dream Theater… Read More »