Prog Metal Reviews

Symphony X Iconoclast Album Cover
Symphony X – Iconoclast (, , )
1st June 2011 -

I am by no means an expert of Symphony X, having heard some of their previous albums but not having much more than passing familarity. However when the chance to review their latest offering came along I jumped at the chance, anxious for the chance to review what could be one of the power metal albums of the year and… Read More »

Mayan - Quarterpast Album Cover
Mayan – Quarterpast Album Review (, )
5th May 2011 -

[gameinfo title=”Album Info” album_name=”Quarterpast” publishers=”Nuclear Blast” genres=”Death Metal, Prog Metal” release_date=”19th May 2011″ buy_link=””] What would happen if distinctive elements of Epica, Amon Amarth, Dimmu Borgir and Skeletonwitch were thrown into a large mixing bowl, stirred around considerably and then poured into an album? You’d get something along the lines of Mayan. The new supergroup put together by Epica’s Mark… Read More »

Amorphis – The Beginning of Times (, , )
25th April 2011 -

[gameinfo title=”Album Info” album_name=”The Beginning of Times” publishers=”Nuclear Blast” genres=”Melodic Death Metal” release_date=”May 30, 2011″ buy_link=””] When a band part ways with their frontman it can often send them on a downward spiral of uninspiring fodder, or, it can rejuvenate the collective creativity and send them on a surging incline with a new found purpose. Amorphis, undeniably, are part of… Read More »

Red Sparowes – The Fear Is Excruciating But Therein Lies The Answer (, , )
25th April 2011 -

The Fear Is Excruciating But Therein Lies The Answer is the third album from one of the leaders of the post-metal / ambient genre, Red Sparowes. Like many good artists of similar nature such as ISIS and Torche, Red Sparowes make their home on the fantastic HydraHead records Red Sparowes make their home in the UK on Conspiracy Records. Can their third full… Read More »

Album cover of Synesthesia by Blue Gillespie
Blue Gillespie – Synesthesia (, )
25th April 2011 -

This review has been slipping through the cracks a little recently so it is high time it finally saw the light of day. Blue Gillespie are a prog rock/metal collective aiming to join the rather large collection of successful rock and metal bands emerging from Wales in the last few years, and their debut full length album Synesthesia is their… Read More »