Punk Reviews

Kid Kapichi - Sugar Tax EP Artwork Cover
Kid Kapichi – Sugar Tax EP (, )
16th July 2019 -

The sugar tax isn’t just a controversial piece of Conservative legislation that demeans and drains the capital of the lower classes in society; it’s also the fabulous new EP from Hastings born post-punks, Kid Kapichi. Their sound definitely has more emphasis on the punk side of this descriptor, but the music is far more intricate and complex than the established… Read More »

Bokassa - Crimson Riders Album Cover Artwork
Bokassa – Crimson Riders (, , )
18th June 2019 -

Bokassa have had a fantastic start to their career. As in, it literally is someone’s fantasy to be in their position. The Norwegian trio released Divide & Conquer to media and audience praise, and the band have played shows across most of the world. Above all, they were dubbed “my new favourite band” by the drumming demiurge himself, Lars Ulrich,… Read More »

Remo Drive - Natural, Everyday Degradation Album Cover Artwork
Remo Drive – Natural, Everyday Degradation (, )
27th May 2019 -

Self styled and described as dance punk, Remo Drive’s latest album, Natural, Everyday Degradation sets out it stall as it means to go on: Two Bux is a bittersweet song that is as heavy on the danceable elements as it is on the melancholy. It has a hook you can sing a long to by second refrain and a no… Read More »

Petrol Girls - Cut and Stitch Album Cover
Petrol Girls – Cut & Stitch ()
24th May 2019 -

Cut & Stitch is the second album from UK punks Petrol Girls. Like their previous work this is another furious blast of feminist punk. The thought behind Cut & Stitch is this ongoing patchwork of sounds and ideas. Both the bands musical influences and political ideas, that change is a constant process and this is something that flows through the entire album…. Read More »

Fever 333 – Strength in Numb333rs (, , )
16th January 2019 -

Genuine life altering, game changing bands, much like vampire slayers usually only come around once in a generation. Apparently nobody gave  Jason Aalon Butler the memo though, as the world had just finished mourning the loss of Letlive when he came back with a vengeance with Fever 333. Coming into 2019 on the crest of a wave after a stellar 2018… Read More »