Punk Reviews

Aiden Self Titled Album Cover
Aiden – Aiden (Self Titled) (, , )
19th November 2015 -

The bittersweet revelation that this self-titled will be Aiden’s last album looms tentatively over 2015. It’s fitting that the only original member remaining is charismatic frontman Wil Francis, harbouring the energy, dedication and emphatic emotion of the years that have passed since ‘Our Gangs Dark Oath’ graced teenage music collections. ‘Crawling Up From Hell’s opening profanities soon take a devastating… Read More »

Neck Deep – Life’s Not Out To Get You (, )
12th August 2015 -

In early 2014, Neck Deep’s début album Wishful Thinking was hugely well received and helped to set them up as an important band in the new wave of pop-punk. Fresh, modern, but with the ear for melody and a catchy chorus that makes the genre so great, it’s easy to see what made this Wrexham five-piece so promising. But far… Read More »

Refused Freedom Album Cover
Refused – Freedom (, , )
10th July 2015 -

August 13, 2012. It was my second night in a row at the London Forum to witness a defining moment in my time as a punk fan, something I thought I’d never see before that point, or ever again afterwards. Refused were back, although they were adamant this was a onetime thing. The band, which had been dead for about… Read More »

Throw The Goat – Blood, Sweat & Beers (, )
7th April 2015 -

Californian hard rock trio Throw The Goat have slowly been building a reputation. Known for their blend of influences across the rock and metal spectrum the band are back following 2012’s Black Mountain with their second record entitled Blood, Sweat & Beers. Does this new offering by Throw The Goat continue the band’s unique musical traits or does it fall… Read More »

Cancer Bats – Searching For Zero (, , )
1st April 2015 -

After taking almost all of 2014 off, Cancer Bats have made their return with their fifth album Searching For Zero. With four fantastic albums already under their belt Cancer Bats have come back with something a little different, Searching For Zero will no doubt prove to be the most divisive album Cancer Bats have released. The most discussed aspect of the album has no… Read More »