Punk Reviews

Throw The Goat – Blood, Sweat & Beers (, )
7th April 2015 -

Californian hard rock trio Throw The Goat have slowly been building a reputation. Known for their blend of influences across the rock and metal spectrum the band are back following 2012’s Black Mountain with their second record entitled Blood, Sweat & Beers. Does this new offering by Throw The Goat continue the band’s unique musical traits or does it fall… Read More »

Cancer Bats – Searching For Zero (, , )
1st April 2015 -

After taking almost all of 2014 off, Cancer Bats have made their return with their fifth album Searching For Zero. With four fantastic albums already under their belt Cancer Bats have come back with something a little different, Searching For Zero will no doubt prove to be the most divisive album Cancer Bats have released. The most discussed aspect of the album has no… Read More »

Bowling For Soup – Songs People Actually Liked – Volume 1 (, )
11th February 2015 -

In 2011, Bowling For Soup’s ex-record label released “The Very Best Of Bowling For Soup” without the bands consent. This new, officially authorised release (humorous titled Songs People Actually Liked Volume 1) is almost a reaction to that album. On the Pledge Music campaign that funded this, frontman Jaret Reddick said that the band felt that the twentieth anniversary of… Read More »

People On Vacation The Chronicles Of Tim Powers Album Cover Artwork
People On Vacation – The Chronicles Of Tim Powers (, )
15th January 2015 -

People on Vacation’s new album is an enigma. Caught somewhere between a hopeless despair and a passionate, intense belief that everything will be alright in the end, The Chronicles Of Tim Powers is the indie rock duets best release yet and sees them flexing their songwriting muscles. The schizophrenic attitude of the album is evident even within the first twenty… Read More »

Shoshin – All For U.S – Single Review ()
22nd December 2014 -

Salford’s latest musical exports Shoshin are back with a brand new single, All For U.S.  The new single follows in the footsteps of the bands debut album, released in 2012, and continues to blend rapping, reggae and rock into a politically tense, catchy outburst of music. There’s a clear set of influences, ranging from Rage Against The Machine to ska punk like The… Read More »