Rock Reviews

Biters – The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be (, )
20th May 2017 -

Biters are a modern band with an old soul. They are determined to bring the classic rock & roll sound and spirit back. One listen to their new album The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be and I would safely say they have succeeded. This is a throwback to the heyday of rock and punk music wrapped in a modern casing…. Read More »

Papa Roach Crooked Teeth Album Artwork
Papa Roach – Crooked Teeth (, )
15th May 2017 -

Over the years Papa Roach have become old reliable. They have maintained a level of consistency that has seen them thrive for two decades. Their new album Crooked Teeth is their 8th full-length record and the follow up to 2015’s F.E.A.R.  There was a promise from the band that this would be a return to their roots. Which they largely deliver… Read More »

Seether - Poison The Parish Album Cover Artwork
Seether – Poison the Parish ()
12th May 2017 -

Seether are a band I have a bit of a sentimental attachment to. As such I’ve always been a fan and stayed up with what they were doing. With that said I found their last couple of albums to be a little disappointing. They were muddled and somewhat hollow, almost like  cheap imitation of themselves. So naturally, I approached the… Read More »

Halflives – Empty Rooms ()
11th May 2017 -

With the weight of the world on their shoulders, pop rockers Halflives’ deliver bucketloads of conviction throughout debut ‘Empty Rooms’. Eight contagious tracks of female-fronted rock form the Italian outfit’s emotive first full-length, a brief yet succinct peek through the window into their emotional reality. Here’s a hint – it’s just as fraught as everyone else’s. The techy vibes of… Read More »

At The Drive-In – in.ter ()
5th May 2017 -

The return of At The Drive-In has been nothing short of stunning, even then I think I’m underselling its significance. In 2000, they dropped their defining album ‘Relationship of Command’ and starting to make big waves. Before we knew it, the mic had dropped and they’d ridden off into the sunset. They would sporadically reform for some live shows here… Read More »