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At The Sun Leave Before The Light Album Cover Artwork
AT THE SUN – Leave Before The Light (, , )
7th March 2019 -

It’s funny how some bands just seem to appear out of nowhere. A year ago, At The Sun were relatively under the radar, but over the course of the last few months their name seems to have been everywhere. You might be tempted to think that the band have now done the hard bit, their name is out there, but… Read More »

Mark Morton – Anesthetic (, , )
1st March 2019 -

Lamb of God resident axe slinger Mark Morton is the lastest musician to step out from the comfort zone of a well established act and throw his hat into the solo album ring. One would argue that Lamb of God are one of the most consistent and successful metal bands of their generation, so naturally when this album was announced… Read More »

Blood Red Shoes - Get Tragic Album Cover
Blood Red Shoes – Get Tragic (, )
14th February 2019 -

There’s not much that matches the feeling of discovering a new favourite song. Especially if it’s from a band or artist that you haven’t heard before. It’s a kind of swept off your feet, love at first sight kind of feeling. The kind of feeling normally reserved for Mr Darcy or the lead in a Richard Curtis movie. All of… Read More »

Bring Me The Horizon amo album artwork
Bring Me The Horizon – amo (, )
8th February 2019 -

It’s no secret that Bring Me the Horizon are no longer a metal band. Their deathcore and metalcore ‘Suicide Season’ and ‘Count Your Blessings’ days are truly over. Having been a massive fan circa Sempiternal (I still abide by the fact this was their best release), I was initially very judgemental of their drastic development. However, Bring Me’s change in… Read More »

King 810 – Suicide King (, )
25th January 2019 -

A lot of words have been written about King 810 over the last 5 years and no doubt many more will be written in the future. The problem with this is that people are quick to write about who King 810 are rather than what they are. With the story of the band and their background taking priority over their music,… Read More »