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Fozzy Judas Album Artwork
Fozzy – Judas (, )
16th October 2017 -

Fozzy are one of those bands who over the last decade or so have straddled the fence between hard rock and metal very effectively. With The Duke, Rich Ward and Chris Jericho as the co-captains of the band, they’ve come out with some great singles and a couple of really great albums (and several more “good” ones) over the course… Read More »

The Used – The Canyon ()
13th October 2017 -

With sharp tongues and sharp objects, ‘The Canyon’ is The Used’s shattering new phase. The Utah canyons hold the fondest memories for frontman Rob McCracken and bassist Jeph Howard, but also more recently the most devastating of all – a best friend took his life at the same canyon. The band’s seventh album is no longer a young and damaged… Read More »

Nothing More The Stories WeTell Ourselves Artwork Cover
Nothing More – The Stories We Tell Ourselves (, , , )
26th September 2017 -

Four years ago, Nothing More exploded into the musical consciousness of their self-titled album. A wonderful release full of genre-defying songs that would flit between rock to full on metal and back again in the blink of an eye. An album that needed time investing in it to appreciate it on every level, but when time was given to it,… Read More »

Prophets Of Rage Self Titled Album Cover
Prophets of Rage -Prophets of Rage (, , )
21st September 2017 -

Sometimes when new bands form from the ashes of others, there is the fear that one of two things will happen, that either they will coast by on former glories or they will boil down to being nothing more than the some of their parts rather than being an innovative whole. This is where Prophets of Rage come in and… Read More »

Lionize Nuclear Soul Album Cover Artwork
Lionize – Nuclear Soul ()
15th September 2017 -

When you get handpicked by Clutch for their label, various tours and basically a fucktonne (scientific term) of praise it’s fair to say you’ve got something about you. Up to this point Lionize have been consistent in their studio output and their live shows alike, with the energy of their gigs generally coming across well. ‘Nuclear Soul’ sticks to this… Read More »