Sludge Reviews

Afreet – Afreet EP (, , )
23rd April 2019 -

Afreet is the brand new post-metal project of Yousef Shah and Sulleiman Omar, previously half of the band District Unknown (who we covered a couple of years ago. Read here). They made waves several years ago with their status as Afghanistan’s first metal band, often forced to play in secret in order to avoid falling foul of religious fundamentalists, culminating… Read More »

Hollow Leg - Civilizations Album Artwork
Hollow Leg – Civilizations (, , )
25th January 2019 -

“What we’ve just witnessed, must surely be the end” Well, happy new year, Hollow Leg. That’s the opening line off the opening track ‘Litmus’ from the Floridian quartet’s new album Civilizations, soon to be released on Argonauta Records. Over the ten years of the sludge metal crews career they have slowly been honing their sound, and across recent releases, the… Read More »

Mastiff Plague Album Cover Artwork
Mastiff – Plague (, , )
22nd January 2019 -

What if Primitive Man were a hardcore band? If that proposition has you salivating as it should, then settle in for one of the finest releases of 2019 so far. An album that is as punishing as it is cathartic. An album that will have you overwhelmed with murderous rage then praying for the sweet release of death. Like a… Read More »