Stoner Rock Reviews

Witchfinder - Hazy Rites Album Cover Artwork
Witchfinder – Hazy Rites ()
3rd April 2019 -

One of the world’s more looked down upon subgenres is stoner rock. Often perceived as the slacker cousin of Doom, the genre sometimes is unfairly maligned and pigeonholed as simplistic and unengaging for those not committed to hailing the leaf. This couldn’t be further from the truth: Stoner music has a breadth of musicality and can easily be enjoyed by… Read More »

Hollow Leg - Civilizations Album Artwork
Hollow Leg – Civilizations (, , )
25th January 2019 -

“What we’ve just witnessed, must surely be the end” Well, happy new year, Hollow Leg. That’s the opening line off the opening track ‘Litmus’ from the Floridian quartet’s new album Civilizations, soon to be released on Argonauta Records. Over the ten years of the sludge metal crews career they have slowly been honing their sound, and across recent releases, the… Read More »

Black Moth Anatomical Venus Album Cover Artwork
Black Moth – Anatomical Venus (, , )
20th February 2018 -

2018 is promising to be an incredibly big year for Black Moth. Hotly tipped from all corners of the industry to make a real impact over the next 12 months, the Leeds quintet are looking to take the first step to fulfilling their undoubted potential with new record ‘Anatomical Venus’, and what a first step it is. This is one… Read More »

Red Fang Only Ghosts Album Cover Artwork
Red Fang – Only Ghosts (, )
16th November 2016 -

2013’s Whales and Leeches saw Red Fang moving towards a sharper, more aggressive sound, and its clear from the opening moments of Flies, the first track of Only Ghosts, that the band have continued their progression towards angular, aggressive riffs. Eschewing the long, drawn out chords of many of their stoner/sludge contemporaries, Only Ghosts tends to function around punchier, sharper… Read More »