Thrash Reviews

Soulfly Archangel Album Artwork
Soulfly – Archangel (, )
13th August 2015 -

Max Cavalera has certainly kept himself busy over the past couple of years. The man has been releasing at least one album per year since 2008, and since September 2013 has released 4 albums, including “Savages”, Cavalera Conspiracy’s “Pandemonium”, Killer Be Killed’s long awaited debut and now “Archangel”, an album that takes the patented post-thrash Soulfly sound to biblical territory…. Read More »

Lamb of God – VII: Sturm und Drang (, )
24th July 2015 -

Lamb of God’s seventh album, VII: Sturm und Drang shows that Lamb of God are far from being a creatively spent outfit. Many bands, on album number seven might be tempted to dial it in and stick to the tried and tested formula that has served them so well in the past. Not Lamb of God. Although lead single, ‘512’… Read More »

Enforcer – From Beyond (, , )
31st March 2015 -

Swedish heavy metal four piece Enforcer have never conformed to the modern developments of heavy metal. Since their inception back in 2004 the band have actively stuck to the roots of old school heavy metal replicating the sound of bands like Exciter and Anvil for example. Now, in 2015 the band are set to unleash their fourth studio record, From… Read More »

Machine Head Bloodstone & Diamonds Album Artwork
Machine Head – Bloodstone and Diamonds (, )
11th November 2014 -

Bloodstone and Diamonds is certainly one of the more inventive releases of Machine Head’s career and witnesses the band forging forward while retaining a recognizably ‘machine head’ sound. In this respect it is very similar to Lamb of Gods’s 2012 effort ‘Resolution’ which, although largely the sort of Lamb of God album you might expect, also included a number of new… Read More »

Lost Society Terror Hungry Album Cover
Lost Society – Terror Hungry (, )
13th May 2014 -

Unlike no other, Lost Society have thrown a spanner in the works with their second studio album Terror Hungry encasing playfulness and an unending amount of energy. From start to finish this thrash metal quartet seem intent on emulating the 80’s Thrash sound and whilst it may seem meaningless to many, there are plentiful fans who want to re-live what was one of the… Read More »