Thrash Reviews

Machine Head Bloodstone & Diamonds Album Artwork
Machine Head – Bloodstone and Diamonds (, )
11th November 2014 -

Bloodstone and Diamonds is certainly one of the more inventive releases of Machine Head’s career and witnesses the band forging forward while retaining a recognizably ‘machine head’ sound. In this respect it is very similar to Lamb of Gods’s 2012 effort ‘Resolution’ which, although largely the sort of Lamb of God album you might expect, also included a number of new… Read More »

Lost Society Terror Hungry Album Cover
Lost Society – Terror Hungry (, )
13th May 2014 -

Unlike no other, Lost Society have thrown a spanner in the works with their second studio album Terror Hungry encasing playfulness and an unending amount of energy. From start to finish this thrash metal quartet seem intent on emulating the 80’s Thrash sound and whilst it may seem meaningless to many, there are plentiful fans who want to re-live what was one of the… Read More »

Seprevation – Consumed (, , , )
1st May 2014 -

Bristol thrash metal band Seprevation have, for a while, been one to “keep an eye on.” Their debut album Consumed shifts them firmly from aforementioned category into essential listening to those keeping a close eye on the more visceral end of Britain’s expansive music scene. Showcasing Seprevation’s competent moulding of death metal disorientation and the ferocious speed of thrash; ‘Consumed,’… Read More »

Metallica Through The Never OST Album Cover
Metallica – Through The Never OST (, )
30th October 2013 -

Metallica’s new album Through The Never is a slightly curious thing. As the official sound track release for the movie of the same name, what you actually get is a typical Metallica live album, albeit a very good one. Without some of the on-screen shenanigans that accompany the concert footage from the movie, aside from a brief allude to what… Read More »

Chapters The Imperial Skies Album Cover
Chapters – The Imperial Skies (, , , , )
14th October 2013 -

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, British rock & metal music is in extremely rude health at the moment. Chapters, despite being in the general consciousness for several years after high profile touring with Sylosis are no exception to the rule. Debut album ‘The Imperial Skies’ binds together a huge variety of different influences; the technical precision… Read More »