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Metallica Through The Never OST Album Cover
Metallica – Through The Never OST (, )
30th October 2013 -

Metallica’s new album Through The Never is a slightly curious thing. As the official sound track release for the movie of the same name, what you actually get is a typical Metallica live album, albeit a very good one. Without some of the on-screen shenanigans that accompany the concert footage from the movie, aside from a brief allude to what… Read More »

Chapters The Imperial Skies Album Cover
Chapters – The Imperial Skies (, , , , )
14th October 2013 -

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, British rock & metal music is in extremely rude health at the moment. Chapters, despite being in the general consciousness for several years after high profile touring with Sylosis are no exception to the rule. Debut album ‘The Imperial Skies’ binds together a huge variety of different influences; the technical precision… Read More »

Soulfly – ‘Savages’ (, , , , )
1st October 2013 -

Competence – “the ability to do something successfully or efficiently” and, incidentally a word that describes perfectly ‘Savages’ the latest album by Soulfly.  Having released three albums in the past four years Soulfly certainly have a reputation for quantity. ‘Savages’ easily keeps up the quality. Max Cavalera has long ceased to break musical boundaries like early Sepultura and Soulfly once… Read More »

Halo Of Blood - Children Of Bodom Album Cover
Children of Bodom – Halo of Blood (, )
30th September 2013 -

For all the mega-selling, stadium filling, world beating acts in the metal community like Slipknot heavy metal will never stop needing the mid-tier, old reliables such as Children of Bodom. Bands like Bodom are the lifeblood of our genre and, albums like ‘Halo of Blood’ are the lifeblood of these bands. However, don’t confuse the inevitability of a new Children… Read More »

Megadeth Super Collider Album Artwork Cover
Megadeth – Super Collider (, , )
6th June 2013 -

Artist: Megadeth Album: Super Collider Record Label: Tradecraft / UMe Release Date: 10th June 2013 For Fans Of: The Big Four, Disturbed, American Radio Hard Rock Since their comeback in 2005 with The System Has Failed, Megadeth have had a solid run of enjoyable albums. Both United Abominations and Endgame were excellent for the most part, The System Has Failed… Read More »