Thrash Reviews

Evile – Skull (, )
20th May 2013 -

Evile’s fourth album – ‘Skull’ continues the British thrash collectives’ evolution. Where their last release – ‘Five Serpents Teeth’ adopted a more mid-paced dynamic often reminiscent of Metallica, ‘Skull’ does a better job of fusing the speed of their earlier work with the weightier riffs of ‘Five Serpents Teeth’. Nowhere is this more clear than on title track ‘Skull’ which… Read More »

Lost Society – Fast Loud Death (, )
26th March 2013 -

Thrash has never looked so healthy – that much is obvious from the string of seminal albums released by old favourites like Kreator and Megadeth to the consistently solid offerings from newer bands like Municipal Waste or Evile. Thus, the cynical observer might ask “do we REALLY need another old-school thrash band?” The answer is, of course, yes and, while… Read More »

Enforcer – ‘Death by Fire’ (, , )
4th February 2013 -

Adrenaline soaked power chords build up into a devastating crescendo and anticipation grows as a plectrum slide leads into the first riff, a blend of the burgeoning NWOBHM style twinned with punk rock aggression. Shrill vocals start as a devastatingly fast drum beat kicks in. Thus begins Enforcer’s newest album ‘Death by Fire’. Of course, if you thought I was… Read More »

Machine Head – Machine F***king Head Live (, )
15th January 2013 -

When Machine Head released the only other live album of their career, 2003’s ‘Hellalive’, it captured them at a point in their evolution that most fans consider to be their weakest period. Plagued by line up instability, tepid responses to their latest material, both critically and commercially, and with the winds of musical change swirling around them, it appeared to… Read More »

Testament – Dark Roots of Earth (, , )
23rd October 2012 -

It’s been over four years since bay area thrash legends Testament released one of the best albums of their career so far, The Formation of Damnation. They have now returned with The Dark Roots Of Earth, released on the awesome Nuclear Blast Records, and expectations for this album were very high indeed. The opening song of Testament’s tenth studio album… Read More »