Tribulation - Hamartia EP Cover Artwork

Tribulation – Hamartia

Over the past few years, Tribulation have weathered some trying and testing times. After releasing their fifth full length album Where The Gloom Becomes Sound during the pandemic, the band lost one half of their creative brain. With guitarist and co-songwriter Jonathan Hulten leaving the band, the remaining three members called upon their long-time friend…

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Wolf – Shadowland

The mighty Wolf is at the door and about to set loose album number nine! Shadowland sees the ever-resilient Swedish four-piece return with traditionally rooted and nonsense-free heavy metal. We’ve given the game away here; Wolf have compiled another tasty selection of tunes that won’t win them any awards for innovation or pushing the musical…

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Interview with Savage Messiah @ Download Festival 2018: ” Ultimately it comes down to this, the fans choose the band, the band don’t choose their fans”

Savage Messiah are one of the best young bands in British metal. They meld old-school sensibilities with new school flair and have created a solid body of work for themselves. Having released a new album ‘Hands of Fate’ last year and going on a successful run supporting Cradle of Filth they closed out 2017 on…

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