URNE The Mountain Of Gold EP Artwork

    URNE – The Mountain of Gold

    Hang the Bastard’s demise was the premature demise of another great British band far too soon. Thankfully, from the ashes rises something new and URNE’s debut EP is a wonderful return for a group of musicians that have been absurdly overlooked over the past few years. Combining the duo at the heart of Chapters, and…

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    Chapters (Metal) Band Photo

    Interview With Joe Nally & Angus Neyra From Chapters

    Before their first show back at the London Borderline James was recently able to sit down and chat with Bassist/Vocalist Joe Nally and guitarist Angus Neyra of Chapters and discuss début album ‘The Imperial Skies,’ future touring plans and their upcoming new album. It’s certainly safe to say the future is looking good for ‘Chapters’…

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