Chisel Beeches - Last In First Out EP Artwork 600px

    Chisel Beeches – Last In, First Out

    At this time of year, with Christmas looming vast on the horizon, often musical releases are focused on the holiday season, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still find some unexpected gems once the tree is out and everywhere is covered in tinsel. UK alt-rockers Chisel Beeches have served up such a release with their…

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    Chisel Beeches 2015 Band Promo Photo

    Chisel Beeches Unveil Hilarious Track-By-Track Video Ahead Of Last In, First Out EP Release On Friday

    Bands doing track-by-track run throughs of their new or upcoming releases isn’t a new thing, and often, to be honest, aren’t always that exciting, entertaining, or even informative. Step forward Matt Alford, bassist from UK alternative rockers Chisel Beeches. Armed with nothing more than a Beverage and his dressing gown, Matt gives a lesson in…

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