Fozzy – Boombox

No matter how we may avoid or reframe the thoughts; there’s no denying we carry a certain amount of darkness. Though as hard rock group FOZZY demonstrate, it’s how we face up to and present ourselves within that pain. With seventh studio album Boombox, we’re taken on a journey through the land of juxtaposition. Boombox…

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Fozzy Judas Album Artwork

    Fozzy – Judas

    Fozzy are one of those bands who over the last decade or so have straddled the fence between hard rock and metal very effectively. With The Duke, Rich Ward and Chris Jericho as the co-captains of the band, they’ve come out with some great singles and a couple of really great albums (and several more…

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    Fozzy Band Promo Photo 2017

    An Interview With Fozzy’s Rich Ward At Download Festival 2017: “You show up to play hard and you hope some people show up to hear you and when it happens, big win”

    Fozzy are always great value for entertainment, be it on stage or for an interview. Rock Sins is very happy to say we once again were able to catch up with one of the huge rock stars of Fozzy on the final day of Download 2017. This time around we were able to renew acquaintances…

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    Fozzy Do You Wanna Start A War Album Cover

      Fozzy – Do You Wanna Start A War

      In 2014, Fozzy are well on the way to becoming the “huge rock stars” they always professed to be back in the early days of the band (complete with fabricated backstory and frontman Chris Jericho’s alter ego Mongoose McQueen). Their last two albums, Chasing The Grail and in particular Sin & Bones have solidified their…

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