Delain Band Promo Photo June 2019

Delain – Interview With Martijn Westerholt at Download Festival 2019: “Everyone has their role and everybody in Delain is appreciated”

After bringing the sunshine on a rainy Friday at Download Festival, we caught up with Martijn Westerholt, the man behind the keys, songwriting and orchestras of Dutch Symphonic Metal masters, Delain, to talk endings and beginnings following the end of Delain’s trilogy, how he approaches writing for orchestras and his love for the sport of…

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Delain – Hunter’s Moon

Delain are a band that made waves a decade ago with their Breakthrough album April Rain managing to carve out a pretty good niche for themselves in the process. The years that have followed have seen the band experiment and change things up with varying degrees of success. The band hit their creative Zenith with…

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Delain The Human Contradiction Album Cover

    Delain – The Human Contradiction

    The Human Contradiction is the third release in as many years from Dutch symphonic metallers Delain. While this shouldn’t be something to complain about, surely with such a rapid release of music, the quality will be affected. Right? Well actually the answer is no. Getting off to a blinding start; ‘Here Comes the Vultures’ has an eerie, ethereal feel…

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