Dream Theater Download Festival 2019

An Interview With Dream Theater’s Jordan Rudess: “There is definitely a spot where all the musical talent and vision comes together and I think Distance Over Time is that”

Last month, Rock Sins had the huge privilege of spending some time with Dream Theater’s legendary keyboard wizard Jordan Rudess. Ahead of their performance at the 2019 Download Festival, Jordan braved the improving muddy conditions to talk to us about all things Dream Theater as well as his recent solo album Wired For Madness. For…

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Dream Theater 2017 Promo Photo

An Interview With Dream Theater’s James Labrie: “For us to ignore the 25th anniversary of this album, I think it would have felt wrong to both the band and the fans”

Dream Theater need little introduction, after all, they are the world’s biggest progressive metal band. They are currently on the road celebrating the 25th anniversary of their breakthrough album, Images and Words, something we focused on recently in a Rock Sins special feature. Taking the spotlight on Images and Words even further, we were granted…

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