Trophy Eyes - The American Dream

    Trophy Eyes – The American Dream

    In a climate where a lot of pop-punk (emo/melo-hardcore/whatever-you-want-to-call-them-core) bands are sounding like their contemporaries and not doing much to change things up, people are crying for bands that are doing something different, and along come Australian 5-piece Trophy Eyes. Whilst their debut certainly wasn’t anything unique, they’ve always been very good at what they…

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    Tonight Alive Underworld Album Cover Artwork

      Tonight Alive – Underworld

      I fell in love with Tonight Alive the minute I heard them. They are a band that changes with every album, and even though I wasn’t as keen on Limitless, their previous album as many were, I still appreciated the artistry that went into it. It was with great anticipation and a tiny bit of…

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        The Used – The Canyon

        With sharp tongues and sharp objects, ‘The Canyon’ is The Used’s shattering new phase. The Utah canyons hold the fondest memories for frontman Rob McCracken and bassist Jeph Howard, but also more recently the most devastating of all – a best friend took his life at the same canyon. The band’s seventh album is no…

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        Sum 41 13 Voices Album Cover

          Sum 41 – 13 Voices

          If you were to ask someone to pick out a band from the early 00’s pop-punk scene that never really reached their full potential, some would choose Sum 41. After releasing perhaps one of the genre’s strongest debut albums in the form of ‘All Killer No Filler’, the Ontario natives went on to forge a career…

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            Neck Deep – Life’s Not Out To Get You

            In early 2014, Neck Deep’s début album Wishful Thinking was hugely well received and helped to set them up as an important band in the new wave of pop-punk. Fresh, modern, but with the ear for melody and a catchy chorus that makes the genre so great, it’s easy to see what made this Wrexham…

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              All Time Low – Future Hearts

              Over the last few years All Time Low are one of the modern giants of pop-punk. However they are also a band that many argue over whether they actually have a place in the world of rock. Their roots are definitely in pop-punk but with each release the band have definitely drifted into pop territory…

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