Madness behind the Mask: An interview with Mushroomhead. “The Heavy Metal Blue Man, that’s what they call us right?”

Mushroomhead aren’t known for their extensive UK tours, so when they stopped off in Southampton we made sure to collar them for a chat about what they’ve been doing lately, copying The Blue Man Group, Working at Abbey Road Studios, what it’s like being a creative band with an ever changing image and how they…

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From the Swamp to the Sun: An Interview with Elijah Witt from Cane Hill: “This is our art, we have fun and we really don’t fucking care what people expect from us because we know what we are doing is going to be good music”

Cane Hill are one of the most dynamic and intriguing bands currently in heavy music. After an explosive debut in 2015 they have continued to grow from strength to strength releasing music of increasing confidence and quality. We were lucky enough to chat to band Vocalist Elijah Witt when they were in London last December….

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25 years of Heartache & Hilarity: An Interview with Jaret Reddick from Bowling For Soup: “What am I going to do?, Travel the world and still be doing fart joke songs at 45?”

Bowling For Soup are one of the most enduring and beloved bands in pop punk. They have always stayed true to who they are and retained a dedicated fanbase throughout everything. They write some of the catchiest and happiest songs and yet it’s still hard to believe that their breakthrough hit ‘Girl All the Bad…

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Bury Tomorrow Promo Photo 2018

Igniting the Black Flame: An Interview with Davyd Winter-Bates from Bury Tomorrow: ” I want to remembered as the band that gave a shit about the people who put them there.”

2018 has been a stellar year for Bury Tomorrow. From the release of their critically acclaimed fifth album ‘Black Flame’ to playing festivals across Europe and ending the year on a sold out UK/Europe culminating in a show at The Forum in London. We were able to catch up with bassist Davyd Winter-Bates to discuss…

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Skindred Promo Photo

That’s My Jam: An Interview with Dan Pugsley from Skindred: “I think nowadays unless you are writing music for you and doing something you really love and really believe in then there is no point to doing it”

Skindred are one of the most enduring and unique bands in the U.K music scene. For 20 years they have brought their brand of Reggae infused Punk Rock to the masses and have built a legacy that most other bands would love to have. It was during the band’s show in Portsmouth that I was…

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Interview with Joshua Travis from Emmure @ Download Festival 2018: “we don’t really worry about anything we just go into doing what we do”

Emmure are one of those bands that it seems like can’t do right for doing wrong. Somehow someway controversy has always followed them like a shadow. That, however, may have all changed, with a brand new lineup and a somewhat more focused agenda and attitude things seem to have reached a turning point for the…

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Interview with Savage Messiah @ Download Festival 2018: ” Ultimately it comes down to this, the fans choose the band, the band don’t choose their fans”

Savage Messiah are one of the best young bands in British metal. They meld old-school sensibilities with new school flair and have created a solid body of work for themselves. Having released a new album ‘Hands of Fate’ last year and going on a successful run supporting Cradle of Filth they closed out 2017 on…

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The Voice of the Voiceless: An Interview with Jason Aalon Butler of The Fever 333: “I don’t even care if people remember my name, I just want them to know they have an ally”

The Fever 333 are currently one of the hottest groups in music. Their raw, passionate energy and seething lyrical content has lit a fire under the music scene and people are starting to mobilise in support of them. Their E.P ‘Made an America’ is full of stark tales and rallying cries and looks to evoke…

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Black Stone Cherry Promo Photo 2018

Interview with Jon Lawhon from Black Stone Cherry @ Download Festival 2018: ” We listen to tons of stuff like Imagine Dragons and  Adele, but at the same time we’re going to listen to Slipknot and Korn”

Black Stone Cherry are one of the biggest rock success stories of recent years. They have risen from a small band from Kentucky to a bona-fide arena rock outfit in a little over a decade. We are able to catch up with their Bassist Jon Lawhon to discuss the band’s fantastic new album Family Tree…

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