Real Friends Release Reimagined Versions of New Singles ‘Nervous Wreck’ & ‘Storyteller’

Pop-punk quintet Real Friends have dropped ‘reimagined’ versions of their recent releases, presenting an alternative take on the original songs.  Nervous Wreck is ultimately a song about loneliness and loss of identity. Where the original version displays these themes in an angsty way with a belting headbanger of a chorus, the reimagined track puts a…

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Real Friends Composure Album Cover Artwork

    Real Friends – Composure

    Pop Punk gets a bad rap. Tarred with the kiddie brush and knocked off as a phase as well as something you will just grow out of.  While it does go down the candyfloss and bubblegum route more than its contemporaries the genre at its best when it toughens itself up or spreads it wings….

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