Sabaton Promo Photo 2019

Sabaton – A Special Feature Interview With Joakim Broden: “We actually started the recording of the album on Armistice Day”

2019 is a huge year in the world of Sabaton. The band’s 20th anniversary sees their star shining brighter than the shiniest of polished military medals. They saved the day at Hellfest with the now infamous Manowar cancellation incident, will be headlining Bloodstock Open Air Festival in the UK next month, and have just released…

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Sabaton Heroes Album Cover

    Sabaton – Heroes

    If you wanted a lazy and probably well-trodden comparison to describe Sabaton to someone who wasn’t sure who they are, you wouldn’t be too far off with Iron Maiden. It could be a compliment to the bands epic, melodic and historical-themed anthems, or a critique of both band’s nerdy appeal and inability to really develop…

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