Top 20 (ish) of 2019 – Sam Savigny

Allow me, if you will, to get on my soapbox and shout about all the bloody brilliant music that has come out this year. If you’re willing to listen – not to me mind, to the music – you will find that 2019 has been one of the best years of the decade and as the 10s draw to their eventual but inevitable close, join me as we look at my top 20 (ish, I cheated) albums and five EPs of the year.

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Tool - Fear Inoculum Album Cover

Tool – Fear Inoculum

When Marcel Duchamp unveiled his now seminal post modern piece, The Fountain, it was met with equal parts praise and derision. Divisive from its inception and continuing to cause debate amongst scholars, it is one of the great pieces of post modern art that remains prescient and misunderstood to this day. The same can be…

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TOOL unveils tracklisting for Fear Inoculum

Tool has shared the tracklisting for their long-awaited 5th studio album Fear Inoculum, due out on August 30. 1. Fear Inoculum2. Pneuma3. Invincible4. Descending5. Culling Voices6. Chocolate Chip Trip7. 7empest Bonus tracks (available via the digital release; physical copy includes a digital download card): Litanie contre la Peur Legion Inoculant Mockingbeat The album will clock…

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