People On Vacation – The Summer & The Fall

    People On Vacation The Summer & The Fall Album Cover

    Overall Score: 8/10
    Repeat Listen Value: 8/10
    Mood Enhancing: 9/10
    Melodies: 8/10
    Pros: Will put a smile on your face | A number of stand out tracks
    Cons: A little on the short side

    Artist: People On Vacation
    Album: The Summer & The Fall
    Record Label: Brando Records
    Release Date: April 21st 2013
    For Fans Of: Smile Smile, Bowling For Soup, Jimmy Eat World, Bob Seger

    People On Vacation are something of an unlikely combination. Smile Smile’s Ryan Hamilton and Bowling For Soup’s Jaret Reddick, on first glance, would not appear to make a natural musical combination. That would be a wholly inaccurate assumption to make. Having surprised and wowed fans and critics alike with their debut E.P Carry On, The first full length album from People On Vacation, The Summer & The Fall is a chance for Jaret & Ryan to build on the momentum they created with last years’ E.P.

    Anyone wondering what People On Vacation are like stylistically might be surprised. They sound nothing like Bowling For Soup for a start. POV’s sound, which is distinctive and identifiable throughout the album is an upbeat yet relaxed alternate rock vibe, which if one was being lazy could almost be tagged as “happy emo”, but lets not do that.

    Ryan Hamilton often takes the lead vocally (though they do take it in turns) and his voice combines well with Jaret’s throughout the album, particularly on songs such as the excellent album opener Because Of The Sun. Anyone who has a special someone will definitely identify with the lyrically entertaining, alt-rock take on romance with Prettiest Girl In The World. The People On Vacation collective creativity and sense of humour also surfaces on Lonely Fish, and live sing-a-long opportunities will be provided aplenty with songs such as Rainy Day. Whilst it is hard to single out one song, the pick of the bunch in this reviewers opinion is We Are The Lucky Ones, which is a song that could brighten the day of most people even after the crappiest day at work, courtesy of some great vocal melodies and a very happy theme.

    The album does slip a little from it’s very high standards towards the very end but this is something that occurs in approximately 95% of all albums so it’s not something to hold against our dynamic duo. What they have done is put together a very enjoyable slice of alt rock that is likely to please a lot of their existing fanbases and win them a new bunch of fans in the process. What started as a fun side project now deserves to be taken very seriously (if Jaret and Ryan can EVER be taken seriously…) in it’s own right. Highly recommended.


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