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Dead Posey

Contrary to popular belief rock music is thriving in 2020 and there are a slew of bands primed to make that leap into the mainstream consciousness, and Dead Posey might just be at the front of that queue. 

Despite having a relatively limited back catalogue the California based duo are getting all the right pushes and all the right seals of approval from all the right places. Their track ‘Don’t Stop The Devil’ was used by the WWE as the theme song for their 2019 PPV Elimination Chamber and has been streamed over 20 million times to date. That’s not to mention the numerous TV shows, such as Marvel’s Jessica Jones that have also featured the duo’s music. 

Malfunction is the band’s 2nd EP and serves to demonstrate exactly why they are on such a steep upward trajectory. 

Somewhat unfortunately the EP opens with what is probably it’s weakest track ‘Head Of The Snake.’ It’s got all of the hallmarks of the Dead Posey sound but it doesn’t quick click together. The chorus goes from catchy to annoying in breakneck speed, and despite the quick tempo and stomping drums the track just doesn’t catch fire. If this is your introduction to the band, while not being outwardly bad, you’d be forgiven for thinking that they were more hype than substance. Thankfully however, things swiftly improve. 

‘Parasite’ is all tortured distorted vocal attitude underpinned by a swirling futuristic instrumental. It’s more electronic than old fashioned straight Rock n’ Roll, but a sharp return to form after the opener. That being said, the final couple of tracks are where the band really come into their own. 

Watch the video for Parasite below:

To say that ‘Bad Things’ is Marilyn Manson tinged would be the understatement of the year. In another time and another place, it’s a track that could easily grace any of the Pale Emperor’s strongest albums. And that isn’t a criticism by any stretch. The song definitely comes under ‘paying homage’ rather than ‘rip off.’ It’s slow, eerie, creepy and downright menacing. Which means to say that it’s just perfect.

For the grand finale ‘Holy Roller’ the aforementioned menace is joined by a bucket load of that unmistakable hard rock swagger. Danyell Souza’s vocal is more of an attitude filled strut than demonstration of vocal power, but my God is it effective. It’s pure spit and sawdust, Jack Daniels fuelled 21st Century Rock n Roll. 

After a little bit of a rocky start Malfunction quickly finds it’s stride and becomes one hell of an enjoyable listen. There can be no doubt that the band deserves all of the plaudits which keep heading their way. They’ve got that intangible special something, the unquantifiable magic that gives a band the ability to grab your attention in five seconds flat. 

Dead Posey are a band with quality releases and a tonne of momentum behind them, and you can’t help but feel that Malfunction is another steppingstone as they move on to bigger and better things. 

Listen to Malfunction:

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