Will Stevenson

I'm a 21 year old student studying Journalism at the University of Salford. I have a passion for music, with an eclectic taste spanning death metal and hardcore along with pop and hip-hop.

Patent Pending Brighter Album Cover

    Patent Pending – Brighter

    Patent Pending’s new album, Brighter, leans more towards the ‘Pop’ end of the Pop Punk scale than their previous efforts, but it is undoubtedly the bands most consistent, fun and singable release so far. It’s also their most creative, with a dose of RnB and hip-hop being thrown into the mix. This band are fun…

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    Skindred Kill The Power Album Cover

      Skindred – Kill The Power

      Skindred have a long standing reputation of being fantastic live and decidedly lacklustre on record. Having been a band now for sixteen years, they’ve been threatening to break through into the mainstream for some time. Is Kill The Power finally their crowning moment? Unfortunately, it seems not. Despite their best intentions and energetic frontman Benji…

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