Bloodstock Festival News

By Jamie Giberti, 10th October 2017 Bloodstock, Festival News, News

Well Bloodstock really aren’t screwing around are they? Not only did they manage to land Judas Priest after years of trying, they’ve only gone and landed flippin’ Emperor as their special guests! The black metal royalty, led by Ihsahn will make their second appearance at BOA and first since they… Read More »

By Ali Cooper, 14th September 2017 Bloodstock, Festival News, Interviews

Chilean thrashmeisters Criminal make their second sojourn to the Bloodstock stage after a six-year absence, wielding last year’s storming album Fear Itself under their experienced belts. Frontman Anton Reisenegger took a few minutes out of his busy Sunday to speak about the band’s international ventures and the legacy of a… Read More »

By Ali Cooper, 25th August 2017 Bloodstock, Festival News, Interviews, News

Maryland rockers Lionize make their Bloodstock debut shortly after appearing at the polar opposite Ramblin’ Man Fair, distributing their contagious and wonderfully versatile set to a crowd that welcome musical diversity with open arms. Undoubtedly carrying the great weather with him, bassist Henry Upton stopped by the Epiphone tour bus… Read More »

By James, 23rd August 2017 Bloodstock, Festival News, Gig Reviews, News

After the previous days entertainment, topped off by the mighty viking extravaganza from Amon Amarth brought Bloodstock Open Air Festival 2017 day one to a close, team Rock Sins was back at it again bright and early for the second day. Falujah (4) might have the technical ability but their… Read More »

By Ali Cooper, 21st August 2017 Bloodstock, Festival News, Interviews, News

Suffolk darklings Devilment made their bold Bloodstock debut on the Ronnie James Dio stage, transporting Catton Park to the catacombs from which they hail. Swooping in on guitarist Colin Parks as Devilment left the main stage in a heap of bones and ashes, Rock Sins had a chance to discuss… Read More »